Is Donald Fitzroy Dead or Alive in The Gray Man?

Netflix’s ‘The Gray Man’ stars Ryan Gosling as the infamous Sierra Six, a covert CIA operative who is known to carry out the plans that the agency wants to be discreet about. When he realizes that the new boss is corrupt and is trying to kill everyone in the Sierra program, he goes on the run. A specialty of the Sierras is that they don’t have any personal connections, which means no one holds any leverage on them, making them extremely effective in their missions.

While Six leaves his past life behind, he forms new connections in his life as a spy. Donald Fitzroy is the person that he is closest to, which is what makes it so tragic to see him left behind at the end of the film. What does this mean for Fitzroy? Is he dead? Here’s what you should know.

Is Donald Fitzroy Dead?

The last we see of Donald Fitzroy, he is in the close vicinity of a bomb that goes off. So, there is a good chance that he is dead in ‘The Gray Man’ and will not be part of the future of Six and Claire. His tragic fate seems to have been sealed at the beginning of the film when Lloyd Hansen captures him to bring Six to his knees. He is the closest thing that the rogue agent has to family, and Hansen knows there is nothing that motivates a person better than saving the people they love.

The reason behind Fitzroy and Six’s close relationship is shown at the beginning of the film when the latter is recruited for the CIA’s top-secret Sierra Program. It is Fitzroy’s personal project and he is closely connected to everyone that he hires after carefully looking into their past actions. For sixteen years, he serves as Fitzroy’s mentor and handler, turning him into one of the best covert operatives. They grow to trust and respect each other, the extent of which is displayed when Fitzroy entrusts Six with the safety of his niece, Claire. Fitzroy was still working for the CIA and would have had many friends whom he could have asked for help. But he didn’t trust anyone like he trusted Six.

Claire is the only family Fitzroy has and he cares about the girl more than anything else in the world. He likes Six, but he doesn’t blink before betraying him to save Claire, who is held captive by Hansen. Still, he trusts Six so much that, in the end, he is ready to die, knowing that Claire would be taken care of. While fleeing from Hansen and his men, Fitzroy is shot. His wound makes him slow and soon, he realizes that he will only hold back Six and Claire. With Hansen closing in on them, he decides to make a sacrifice to save them.

As Six runs away with Claire, Fitzroy sets off a bomb, hoping to stop, if not kill, Hansen. While his ruthless enemy survives, Fitzroy is in such close proximity to the blast that there is no hope for him. He most certainly dies, which is further proven by the fact that we don’t see Six trying to find him later. While Fitzroy might be dead, it doesn’t mean this is the last we’ve seen of him. ‘The Gray Man’ uses flashbacks to tell its story. We expect a similar thing to happen in its sequels. Because Fitzroy was such an important part of Six’s time in the CIA, he is sure to appear in the scenes prior to the events of this film.

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