Is Dr Bell Leaving Chastain? Is Bruce Greenwood Leaving The Resident?

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The sixth season of FOX’s medical seriesThe Resident’ opens a window to the most appealing moments in Dr. Randolph Bell’s life. Not only his relationship with his partner Kit Voss gets stronger but also he marries her in an intimate ceremony, sharing the joy with his colleagues and family. Still, multiple sclerosis (MS) hasn’t really allowed Bell to have an uninterrupted term in the OR as he starts to suffer from flare-ups now and then. In the sixth season finale, Bell makes a pivotal decision concerning his condition and life for that matter. Does that mean we have seen the last of the veteran surgeon’s days at Chastain? Let’s find out! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Is Dr. Bell Leaving Chastain?

In the sixth season finale, Bell gets forced to operate on Governor Betz while his granddaughter Sammie gets operated on by Dr. Ian Sullivan. During the surgery, Bell suffers from an MS flare-up which makes him unstable. Although he is short-staffed at the OR since AJ has to assist Ian, Bell fails to be stable and continue with the surgery, only for Dr. Leela Devi to come to his rescue. She completes the surgery with commendable determination and excellence, making her mentor proud. Bell names her as the next lead surgeon of Chastain and Kit promotes her to an attending. Bell decides to take a leave of absence to focus on his MS treatment and spend time with his family.

Image Credit: Tom Griscom/FOX

As one of the most renowned and experienced surgeons in Georgia, Bell has always been engaged to be with his family. After witnessing Sammie’s illness, he must have realized that he should spend more time with her, Jake Wong, and Kit. However, that doesn’t mean that Bell is gone for good. He has neither retired as a surgeon nor resigned from Chastain. From the conversation he has with Ian, it is evident that he will still be a part of Chastain as a teacher and mentor for residents and interns. The same will allow him to focus on his betterment without the worries that come along with the packed schedule of a renowned surgeon.

Since Bell will not be a constant presence at Chastain, the viewers must be worrying about Bruce Greenwood’s exit from the medical drama. Due to Bell’s treatment that takes him away from Chastain, Greenwood hasn’t featured frequently in the sixth season. Is that an indication of his departure? Let’s see.

Bruce Greenwood is Most Likely to be there in The Resident’s Future Seasons

Bruce Greenwood’s future in ‘The Resident’ will depend on FOX’s decision concerning the future of the medical drama. As of yet, the network hasn’t renewed the series for a seventh season. If the network decides to pull the plug on the show, we can find solace in Bell’s potential recovery as he gets admitted into Devon Pravesh’s trial. “The fate of the show is somewhat caught up in the fact that it’s owned by Disney but shown by Fox, which is not an ideal scenario,” co-creator Amy Holden Jones told TVLine. From her words, it is clear that the network may have the final say concerning the future of the series.

Image Credit: Tom Griscom/FOX

If FOX is up for another season of ‘The Resident,’ Jones and her fellow writers are up for it as well. “The ratings are incredibly stable. We have a very core audience that just loves us, and if we have a chance, I’m sure we will continue to grow. It has the potential to go on and on, but whether it’ll be given that shot, I don’t know,” Jones added. If the seventh season gets greenlit, as far as Bell is concerned, there is immense scope for Greenwood’s character in the installment for the actor to remain a part of the cast of the show.

If season 7 materializes, we may see Bell teaching a new generation the nuances of surgery. We can expect a new intern at Chastain to follow Bell’s footsteps as Pravesh follows Conrad Hawkins and Trevor follows AJ. The season may also follow Bell and Kit’s married life in detail since their relationship is often described as the “cornerstone” of the series. Bell’s assurance that he will remain in Chastain as a teacher even after he takes the leave of absence can be seen as an indication of Greenwood’s commitment to the show if it gets renewed for season 7.

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