Is Drew the Father in How I Met Your Father? Theories

Image Credit: Patrick Wymore/Hulu

Ever since the premiere episode of ‘How I Met Your Father,’ fans of the show are eagerly waiting to know the identity of “the father” of Sophie’s son. When the original show, ‘How I Met Your Mother,’ took eight seasons to reveal its mystery, the standalone sequel does present the viewers with some clues regarding the mystery father’s identity. One of the possible men is Drew, Sophie’s new date. With his genuineness, Drew becomes a pivotal part of Sophie’s life. As their dating life progresses, one must be wondering whether Drew is the father. Let’s find out! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Is Drew the Father in How I Met Your Father?

Drew enters Sophie’s life when she goes through one of the toughest times of her life. After the tragic encounter with Ian, Sophie decides to not focus on dating for a period of time. Her decision doesn’t last long as she meets Drew inadvertently. When Drew asks Jesse for her number, Sophie doubts him. After eighty-eight disappointments, she thinks about the risk of welcoming another man to her life to see him possibly being the eighty-ninth. Still, she gives him a chance and fixes a date with him. Proving her fears wrong, Drew enhances her life impeccably.

Image Credit: Patrick Wymore/Hulu

Drew walks into Sophie’s life when she really lacks someone to understand her messiness. When Sophie expresses how messy she feels in front of Drew’s maturity and adultness, Drew makes her understand how wonderful her life is and how much he feels missed out due to his maturity. Rather than pretending to be Sophie’s type, Drew emphasizes his own identity and expresses how fascinating Sophie’s life is. Such genuineness does qualify him as Sophie’s potential partner and the love of her life. If their heartwarming togetherness continues without many challenges, we can expect Drew to be Sophie’s man and the father of her son.

From the future Sophie, we know that Sophie meets the father of her son on the night of Sid’s engagement party. Since she runs into Drew for a mobile charger on the same night during the party, there’s a possibility that the father is Drew. Since Sophie doesn’t wish to pursue a romantic relationship with Jesse, Drew becomes the most probable option. His ability to be patient and understanding with Sophie does increase his chances to build a life with her. If that’s the case, Drew can very well turn out to be the father.

In an interview given in January 2022, co-creator Elizabeth Berger talked about how Sophie will go through a phase where she will deal with her childhood issues and emotional struggles before choosing the right man for her life. If Drew continues to be the understanding and patient companion, we may see him accompanying Sophie while she goes through a tough phase recollecting her childhood, which can make their relationship stronger as well. His charming and calming presence around Sophie does wonders to her and she may decide to choose him for the rest of her life.

Even though we may need to wait for a while to know the identity of the father for certain, Drew is definitely a possibility. Sophie and Drew’s endearing moments do indicate that the latter is not just a typical date for her.

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