Is Eden Brolin’s Mia Leaving Yellowstone?

The fourth season of ‘Yellowstone‘ has brought along with it major changes for everyone at the Yellowstone Ranch. Chief among these changes is Jimmy’s move to the Four Sixes Ranch in Texas. As a result, Jimmy’s girlfriend and fellow ranch hand, Mia (Eden Brolin), is having questions about her future and is no longer sure if she belongs at the ranch. In the sixth episode, Mia makes a big decision that has fans of the show worried that the character is being written off. Is there any truth to these speculations? Is Eden Brolin’s Mia actually leaving ‘Yellowstone?’ Here’s everything you need to know in that regard! SPOILERS AHEAD!

What Happens to Mia on Yellowstone?

Mia is introduced in the third season of ‘Yellowstone,’ first appearing in the episode titled ‘An Acceptable Surrender.’ She is a horse rider and barrel racer who works at a local rodeo event. She catches the attention of Jimmy, and the two become friends. Mia begins to work at the Yellowstone Ranch with her friend Laramie after Rip seeks out new ranch hands at John’s behest. Mia and Jimmy start dating towards the end of season 3, and things are looking bright for them until Jimmy injures himself in a rodeo accident.

In the fourth season, Jimmy is hospitalized, and Mia helps him recover. However, when John decides to send Jimmy to the Four Sixes Ranch in Texas, Mia begins to question her place at the ranch. Her relationship with Jimmy is also left in limbo. In the fifth episode of season 4, Mia urges Laramie to move out of the bunkhouse and hit the road as barrel racing season is about to start. Barrel racing is their primary profession, and Mia feels they should be returning to it. Mia packs her bags and leaves the ranch without Laramie in the following episode. Her future is left uncertain.

Is Eden Brolin Leaving Yellowstone?

Mia’s exit from the Yellowstone Ranch has made many viewers wonder whether actress Eden Brolin who essays the role, will be leaving the series as well. Given the lack of clarification about Mia’s destination and future, it is certainly possible that Brolin might depart the series. Since Brolin’s character is primarily associated with Jimmy, his absence from the ranch leaves a question mark over the character’s fate. Moreover, Brolin is set to appear in at least two projects outside of ‘Yellowstone,’ which is another reason for fans’ fear of the actress leaving the show.

However, Brolin is yet to publicly express any intention of exiting the hit Western drama. Brolin pursuing other projects is natural as she is just a recurring cast member on ‘Yellowstone,’ which gives her more time to commit to other gigs. Mia’s recent plot developments suggest that the show will explore previously unexplored sides of the character in the upcoming episodes. Therefore, the chances of her character being written off the show seem very low. As things stand, it is safe to say that Brolin and, in turn, Mia isn’t leaving the series anytime soon.

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