Is Elvis Trans in The Chosen One?

Netflix’s ‘The Chosen One‘ follows the story of Jodie Christianson, a pre-teen boy in a small community in Santa Rosalía, Mexico, who comes across a biblical fate. On the edge of thirteen, Jodie discovers the strange circumstances behind his birth and uncovers his hidden powers that resemble the miracles performed by Jesus Christ. As his community learns about the same, they begin to praise him as a son of God, believing him to be a reincarnation of Christ.

The Mexican action-adventure show follows Jodie’s journey as he gets caught up in a grander-than-life destiny. Throughout the series, Elvis, a friendly but resilient local baker and close friend of Jodie’s mother, Sarah, acts as a role model to the kid. Even though Elvis only features in the show as a secondary character, she has an influential presence in the plot and makes her presence known. Although her backstory is often eluded to, it’s rarely explored in depth. Therefore, if you’re wondering about Elvis’ identity, here is everything you need to know! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Is Elvis Trans?

Yes, Elvis from ‘The Chosen One’ is trans. Elvis’ character sees her first introduction in the pilot episode. From her playful relationship with Jodie and his friend group, it’s evident that Elvis is a kind woman with a soft spot for Jodie, whom she treats as her own ward. Eventually, we learn that Elvis is close friends with Sarah and acts as Jodie’s guardian when Sarah, a single mother, is occupied otherwise.

Professionally Elvis is the town’s most popular baker and runs her own kitchen. When the baker first started her transition, a lot of the townsfolk othered her initially. In fact, when she was coming out as a trans woman, Elvis was nervous her family wouldn’t accept her for her true gender identity. Nonetheless, things worked out in her favor, and over time, people started coming around to her, except for her brother, Pastor Cruz, who disowns her.

In the present day, the town is kind and friendly to her for the most part and welcomes her for who she is. Nonetheless, Elvis knows how to stand up for herself and her loved ones when people turn on her. Due to the same, she is able to connect with Jodie once the town’s perception of him changes when they realize his true potential. Even when Jodie starts to stray from his path and turns his back on his friends and family, Elvis stands her ground and faces off against people who call themselves Jodie’s followers when necessary.

Elvis’ character arc comes to an end as she takes a stand against people calling for Angelo’s unlawful public humiliation and execution. In doing so, she also asserts her dislike toward her brother Cruz’s authority. Earlier Cruz tries to half-heartedly apologize to Elvis for mistreating her. However, his apology is self-serving and accusatory. Elvis, recognizing the same, refuses to make peace with him and conveys a relevant statement about the familial conflict that LGBTQ+ people face on a daily basis. Ultimately, as the show ends, Elvis leaves a heartwarming imprint on the audience, representing the transgender community as a proud trans woman.

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