The Chosen One Ending, Explained: Is Jodie Really Jesus Christ?

The Netflix Mexican adventure drama show ‘The Chosen One,’ directed by Everardo Gout, charts the wild self-actualization journey of a child with divine powers. In the small city of Santa Rosalía, a mother-son duo, Sarah and Jodie Christianson, reside, creating a small mundane life for themselves. However, nearing his 13th birthday, Jodie makes a life-altering discovery and realizes that he was born with inexplicable powers resembling the miracles performed by Jesus Christ. At a crossroads between normalcy and his biblical origin, Jodie must make a decision about his destiny. If you’re curious to see how life unfolds for the story’s messiah and what he learns about his past, here is everything you need to know about the ending of ‘The Chosen One.’ SPOILERS AHEAD!

The Chosen One Recap

The show opens with Sarah Christianson running away to Mexico with her baby after a violent fight with a man in a black suit. Determined to ensure her and her son’s safety, Sarah burns all her government papers and assumes a new identity as Sarah Mitchell, mother of Jodie Mitchell. Jodie, at 12, unaware of their secret identities, remains a perfectly normal boy, except for his dreams about a melodic voice beckoning him to her. After one of his friends, Tuka gets picked on by the school bully, Angelo, Jodie intervenes. The encounter becomes instrumental in Angelo’s suspension after a teacher, Ms. Dolores, finds him pulling a knife on Jodie.

As a result, Jodie and his friends, nervous that Angelo will come for them, decide to travel to the sea to catch a mermaid that Tuka’s uncle, Temastián, claimed to have seen while fishing. Wagner, Tuka, and Jodie all manage to escape from their houses by lying to their parents, while Hipólito and Magda, with neglectful parents, simply leave their homes, knowing they won’t get in trouble. The kids face many struggles during their journey through the desert, and although they never find a mermaid, they become closer than ever.

On their way back, the kids take a shortcut under a bridge. However, through a strange set of circumstances, a truck swivels from its path, falling over the bridge on top of Jodie. Even though the driver, Angelo’s father, Carlos Ramirez, ends up in a coma following the accident, Jodie only has to spend a while in the hospital and miraculously walks away from the experience unharmed. As such, Jodie becomes relatively famous across town as “The Miracle Boy.” After Jodie and his friends realize they can monetize his popularity, they start selling knick-knack parts from the truck to make easy cash.

Eventually, Jodie starts performing magic tricks that Wagner creates to fool people into believing his miracles despite Sarah’s warning about keeping a low profile. Consequently, a mysterious man, Lemuel, arrives in town looking for The Miracle Boy from the newspapers. Worse yet, Jodie’s last trick— turning water into wine— becomes true overnight after the kid experiences a rush of new emotions. The same confuses Jodie after it attracts suspicion from everyone else.

Afterward, Angelo forces Jodie to “cure” his dying father, which Jodie somehow succeeds at. Sarah realizes that keeping Jodie’s past a secret from him will only push him toward danger more. Therefore, she reveals to him that he has been showcasing magical powers since he was a kid, but Sarah started giving him prescription medicine to keep his powers in check. Furthermore, Sarah also tells him that he has no birth father and that Sarah had him without being impregnated. Everything culminates until the city has convinced themselves that Jodie is a reincarnation of Jesus Christ sent to them as a miracle. Pastor Cruz even build a temple for him in the desert, where people attend services in his name. Jodie, angry at his mother for the lies, refuses to leave the city and plays into his role as a messiah.

The Chosen One Ending: Is Jodie Really Jesus Christ?

Throughout the show, the parallels between Jodie and Jesus remain hanging over the narrative. Like the people of Santa Rosalía, it doesn’t take the audience long to assume Jodie is Christ reincarnate. Thirteen years ago, Sarah signed an agreement with faceless, influential people, agreeing to carry a baby for them. However, Sarah becomes pregnant without ever being inseminated.

Jodie uses the same information to justify his position as God’s son and lavishes the attention and devotion he receives from the community. Nevertheless, those closest to Jodie notice the change his fame brings as Jodie becomes more and more dominated by his indulgences. Jodie begins to neglect his friends and their feelings, leading to cracks in all his relationships. Eventually, after Tuka accidentally gets shot by Angelo, Jodie realizes his mistakes but fears that by then, it’s too late.

As such, he embarks on a journey of self-discovery. Finally giving in to the alluring siren voice in his head, Jodie goes to the cave from his dreams. In the cave, a mystical presence visits him and takes him on a journey across the desert, where Jodie left behind his heirloom pendant on his first trip. Although the experience doesn’t reveal any secrets to Jodie, it changes something within him.

Afterward, Jodie attends Tuka’s funeral and rights his past wrongs before bidding his friends goodbye. In the end, Jodie is ready to learn the reality about his lineage and drives to the ocean with his mother. A white limousine arrives for him at the beach, and inside, Jodie meets a siren who has been watching over Jodie in various forms, as Ms. Dolores, a hospital nurse, or the mysterious Elena. The Siren reveals to Jodie that his father created the pendant for him when he was a young child.

Inside the pendant lies a mark of his father: Lucifer. Jodie learns that he is not Jesus Christ. Instead, he’s the antichrist, born with the ability to perform all the miracles Jesus could, but his powers were the furthest thing from holy. In fact, when Sarah learned of her pregnancy, a winged entity visited her to deliver the news. Thus, paralleling Gabriel’s deliverance of Christ’s news to Mother Mary, only for Sarah, it was a demon that came rather than an angel.

The party that used Sarah to carry a baby were followers of Satan, who wanted to bring the antichrist into the world to execute his will. The show ends with Jodie wholeheartedly accepting his position as Satan’s son. Meanwhile, Lemuel, who also mistook Jodie for Christ, gets heat from his agency since he let the antichrist slip from his fingers. Years ahead, Jodie, the antichrist, becomes the President, promising a menacing future for seasons to some.

Is Tuka Dead or Alive?

Before Jodie abandons his past life for his divine fate, he has one thing to fix: his mess in Santa Rosalía. Although the town praises Jodie for his divinity after he brings Carlos back from the dead, Carlos only returns as a shell of a man. Carlos remains in a stupor for weeks, refusing to speak to his children. Angelo, shouldering his little sister’s responsibility, suffers under his neglect, but the town only sees the miracle behind Carlo’s recovery. Therefore, when Carlos finally commits suicide by hanging himself from a tree, Angelo snaps and attacks Jodie with a gun.

As Angelo holds Jodie at gunpoint, someone from the crowd shoves the former, leading to a misfire that catches Tuka in the stomach. Throughout Jodie’s journey, Tuka has been one of his biggest supporters. Nonetheless, Jodie begins to ignore him toward the end as well. Due to the same, Tuka’s death gravely affects Jodie, making him realize the error of his ways. Still, Jodie decides to stay in town until Tuka’s funeral.

On the night of Tuka’s funeral, a church mob led by Pastor Cruz breaks Angelo out of jail to deliver him a biblical punishment: a public lashing. However, the mob dissolves into hatred soon and calls for Angelo to be hanged. A counter-mob led by Elvis, the friendly town baker, argues against the hanging of a teenager. Consequently, the two crowds erupt into a fight. Meanwhile, at the Yaqui funeral ground, Tuka is prepared for his journey into the afterlife, according to his culture’s traditions.

Near the end, Jodie arrives at the funeral with Sarah. With permission from Tuka’s mother, Jodie approaches his friend’s body and tries to bring him back to life. Jodie expells large energy and makes everyone in the town pass out, except for Tuka, who awakens from the dead. Unlike Carlos, Tuka returns as his former self, probably due to his connection with Jodie and the sincerity of the latter’s actions.

Jodie also prevents Angelo’s execution the same night and says goodbye to all his friends, appearing in multiple places simultaneously. By the time the town wakes up again in the morning and Lemuel comes looking for Jodie, the mother-son duo is gone. Ultimately, the townspeople remain fascinated by Jodie, even if he is no longer with them, crediting him for saving Tuka from death.

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