Is HGTV’s Small Town Potential Scripted or Real?

Set in New York’s Hudson Valley, HGTV’s ‘Small Town Potential’ is a home improvement series featuring realtor Davina Thomasula and builder Kristin Leitheuser who work together to transform the affordable houses in the area into homes that one cannot help but admire. Building on their personal life partnership, the couple’s chemistry in the workplace is undoubtedly seamless, allowing for a heartwarming experience for everyone involved. But just how much of this reality show is as genuine as it seems? Well, let’s explore it all together, shall we?

Is Small Town Potential Scripted?

No, we do not believe that ‘Small Town Potential’ is scripted. The show’s hosts are well-known in their respective fields and have long been praised for their work. The depiction of their personal and professional partnership in the series certainly seems genuine and makes one truly root for them as they work on one project at a time in order to elevate it to the next level and maximize the potential that the properties have to offer.

Image Credit: Davina Thomasula

“The Hudson Valley is filled with fabulous old homes, farmstands, and mom-and-pop businesses, yet it’s also an easy train ride into New York City,” Davina Thomasula shared. “Even if you’ve lived here your whole life, you continue to discover new things you didn’t realize existed. Anyone with an imagination can restore some pretty amazing properties here.” Her life partner, Kristin Leitheuser, added, “And I happen to be her better half. A builder, working alongside my amazing dad, Don, renovating our clients’ homes to get them ready for their move-in date.”

Before the release of the show’s very first season, the couple had completed four years of engagement though they had yet to decide on a date for the wedding. The reason behind the delay turned out to be their dedication to their work, as both of them find much joy in their part in the world of real estate and how their efforts allow others to find their dream home and provide many families a space to create long-lasting memories.

Indeed the work done by this engaging duo truly shows how much potential small-town properties can have if one thinks about it all from the correct angle. Though the two are primarily based in New York, their methods certainly inspire others across the country to elevate their living spaces and create the home they have always wanted. This, in particular, seems like the realization of the hosts’ own goals, who have always put the needs of their clients first.

So, no, we do not believe that ‘Small Town Potential’ is scripted. Instead, it feels like the realization of the dreams of two remarkable women who have long been part of the real estate industry and are pretty determined to prove that anyone can have the home they want, no matter where they live. With a creative vision, housebuilding skills, and determination, each and every property can be elevated to the best of its potential and make anyone happy and proud.

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