Is Ibrahim Dead at the End of Netflix’s In His Shadow?

Directed by Marc Fouchard, Netflix’s ‘In His Shadow’ (titled ‘Le Roi des Ombres’ in French) is a crime thriller movie. It is based on an original concept by rapper Kaaris and loosely inspired by a Malian legend. The French film explores the conflict between two-half brothers who live in a Parisian suburb and face hard choices on a daily basis. However, things take a devastating turn after their father’s death. As a result, it becomes evident that the conflict will only end when one of the brothers bites the dust. If you are wondering whether Ibrahim perishes at the end of ‘In His Shadow,’ here is everything you need to know! SPOILERS AHEAD!

What Happens Between Ibrahim and Adama?

‘In His Shadow’ follows two half-brothers, Ibrahim and Adama. Ivorian-born French rapper Kaaris (‘Bronx‘) essays the role of Ibrahim. He is the elder brother born from his father’s first marriage with his mother, Agna. Ibrahim’s father and mother moved to a Parisian suburb and started a restaurant. However, Ibrahim’s father, Ousmane Keita, married another woman, Maimouna, leading to the birth of his half-brother, Adama. During their childhood, the family lived in a cramped house, and the two wives often fought amongst themselves. As a result, Ibrahim stayed out of the house and got involved in criminal activities.

After his father caught him stealing, Ibrahim was kicked out of the house. A short while later, Adama got into an accident that took away his eyesight. As a result, Ibrahim’s mother and sister had to move out of the apartment to make more space for Adama. As an adult, Ibrahim is the leader of a local gang that operates in the Murtes Housing Project. After the death of their father, Ibrahim starts mistreating Adama and takes advantage of his half-brother. He stashes money stolen from the rival gang leader Eddy in Adama’s apartment. However, the money is stolen from Adama’s apartment.

When Adama goes to Eddy and demands he returns the money, Ibrahim’s men see him and suspect Adama was involved in the theft and betrayed Ibrahim. In the meantime, Adama regains his eyesight through a mysterious incident but hides it to gain an advantage over his brother. Adama and his mother are held captive by Ibrahim. However, when Agna learns of the situation, she comes to free Adama and his mother. However, Adama attacks Agna, believing it to be Ibrahim leading to her death. Adama and Maimouna flee and seek refuge with Eddy’s gang.

Is Ibrahim Dead at the End of In His Shadow?

Eventually, Adama realizes he must fight his brother and stop the escalating conflict. Meanwhile, Ibrahim wants to kill Adama for murdering his mother. As the brothers head to an impending fight, Adama remembers his father’s teachings and learns to use his weakness as his strength. Adama plans to stop the raging gang war in his local community. Adama teams up with Eddy and promises to hand him the authority over both housing projects if he helps take down Ibrahim.

At night, Adama sneaks into the housing project and rescues his friend Malik. He distracts Ibrahim’s men with a smoke grenade and leads Eddy’s gang into the building. As the war between the rival gangs escalates, Adama quietly sneaks into Ibrahim’s apartment. However, Ibrahim quickly overpowers Adama. Nonetheless, Adama manages to pull out a knife and stabs Ibrahim. Adama escapes and informs law enforcement of the fight, leading to the arrest of both gangs. He escapes capturing by pretending to be blind while Ibrahim dies from his wounds.

The movie ends with Adama prevailing over his brother by cleverly using his weakness and making it his strength. On the other hand, Ibrahim pays for his actions with his life. Although Ibrahim thinks of himself as a victim of his circumstances, he simply uses his situation as an excuse to commit crimes. Thus, his story comes to a fitting conclusion as he dies at the hands of his brother, whom he tormented simply because of a misunderstanding.

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