Netflix’s Is it Cake Season 3: Where was the Baking Game Show Filmed?

Sseason 3 of ‘Is it Cake?’ continues to present tantalizingly delicious photorealistic cakes that are indistinguishable from everyday objects. Each episode of the baking game show has three new judges who must distinguish real from cake in a variety of rounds. The contestants include a diverse set of bakers who compete for prizes of over $100,000. The show began based on a viral internet trend that took the online world by storm in 2018, showing seemingly ordinary objects and even animals, which, when cut, turned out to be cake.

Netflix’s ‘Is it Cake?’ returned with its third season with bigger cakes, greater shocks, and a more layered entertaining experience than ever before. As the show engrossed us in its bedazzling baking games and environments, enthusiasts may seek to learn about the shooting location employed by it.

Is it Cake? Season 3 Filming Locations

The filming for ‘Is it Cake?’ largely took place in Los Angeles, California. The contestants took to social media to express just how welcoming their competing bakers were and how much they enjoyed making friends alongside mind-boggling cakes. “As you can imagine how intimidating and stressful it can be to go head to head with some of the most talented people in hyper-realistic cakes,” wrote competing baker Timmy Norman on Instagram. “Today I am instead flooded with thoughts of how truly unique and welcoming each of the people (are).”

Los Angeles, California

The shooting for ‘Is it Cake?’ takes place on a production studio’s soundstage in the sprawling South Californian city of Los Angeles. The stage is quite advanced, with a platform that rotates to reveal new sets for each episode. The dark and glittery sets make for a good contrast with the vibrant cakes that are cut on stage, and production quality has steadily improved with every season of the show.

Los Angeles is likely chosen as a shooting location for the show because it is home to major studios that possess high-quality and advanced soundstages. While Netflix Studios is building its own stages and filming properties worldwide, Los Angeles remains irreplaceable with its robust filming infrastructure and a vast talent pool of crew members. In fact, studios in the city face constant overbooking despite the new and expanding movie studios in the region. The show’s production company, Alfred Street Industries, along with their partners at Netflix, have been renting and using the same studio for filming the ‘Is it Cake?’ series.

By opting to film on a soundstage unit, the show taps into a myriad of advantages offered by this setting. Choosing to rent out a soundstage unit in Los Angeles provides the production team with unparalleled creative freedom and flexibility. The expansive space allows for the construction of intricate sets tailored to various themes and rounds of competition. This approach aligns with the practices of other cooking-based reality shows like ‘Bake Squad‘ and ‘School of Chocolate,’ which are also lensed in Los Angeles.

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