Is Jamie Hector’s Jerry Edgar in Bosch: Legacy?

American actor Jamie Hector garnered initial fame by portraying Marlo Stanfield in one of the greatest TV shows of all time, ‘The Wire.’ But he truly came to his own as an actor by playing Detective Jerome “Jerry” Edgar in all seven seasons of Amazon Prime Video’s police procedural detective fiction show, ‘Bosch,’ which is inspired by the ‘Harry Bosch’ series of books by Michael Connelly.

Jerry is the partner of the titular character (Titus Welliver) at the Hollywood homicide division of the LAPD. In many ways, Jerry is a foil for Bosch. Jerry is almost always dressed sharply while at work, whereas Bosch can’t be less bothered about his looks. While Jerry is more by the books, Bosch is relentless in pursuing justice.

However, they share similar views about law and truth, which have made them such great partners. In the series finale of ‘Bosch,’ the paths ahead for these two individuals seem to fork away from each other, especially with Bosch quitting the police. If you are wondering whether Jerry Edgar is in ‘Bosch: Legacy,’ the sequel spin-off of ‘Bosch,’ we got you covered. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Is Jerry Edgar in Bosch: Legacy?

In the series finale of ‘Bosch,’ changes happen all around Bosch and Jerry, inevitably affecting their dynamic. In season 6, Jerry killed Jacques Avril (Treva Etienne), a man responsible for the death of his maternal uncle in Haiti as well as a CI in Los Angeles. He continues to be haunted by his own actions throughout season 7. With the Hollywood division shutting down, Jerry gets assigned to RHD (robbery-homicide division), Homicide Special Section. Bosch is initially set to join Operations West Bureau, Homicide division.

However, Bosch’s conflict with Police Chief Irving comes to a tipping point after the latter decides to hand over Mickey Peña — the gang leader responsible for the arson that killed, among others, a young girl named Sonia — to the FBI. Right before the transfer is about to happen, Sonia’s grieving father shows up and shoots Peña and is, in turn, shot by the police. Completely disillusioned with his job, Bosch quits on the spot and walks away. Jerry calls out to him repeatedly, but Bosch doesn’t stop or turn back.

‘Bosch: Legacy’ chronicles a different chapter in the protagonist’s life, in which he works as a private investigator. As the narrative is predominantly focused on Bosch, it has moved away from the people he previously worked with, including Jerry, who — we can presume — now works in RHD. As a result, he is not one of the main characters of the spin-off series. But that doesn’t mean he will not appear in ‘Boss: Legacy.’ He and Bosch are still in the same city and active in the same seedy circle due to their jobs. Their paths are likely to cross.

In a 2021 interview, when asked whether there was any chance of Jerry appearing in the spin-off, Hector stated evasively that one never knows. He added that he was glad that the work they had done led to a spin-off, and he was excited for that, regardless of whether he got to play Jerry again or not. Fortunately, we now know that he most likely does. According to sources, Jerry is set to reappear in episode 6, titled ‘Chain of Authenticity.’ Although his appearance is restricted to only that episode in the inaugural season of the show, that can change in the future, as ‘Bosch: Legacy’ has already been renewed for a second season.

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