Is Joanne Whalley’s Sorsha Appear in the New Willow?

Portrayed by Joanne Whalley, Sorsha is one of the main characters in Ron Howard’s 1988 film ‘Willow.’ She is an accomplished warrior and the daughter of the villainous queen Bavmorda of Nockmaar. After discovering the child prophesied to destroy her has been born, Bavmorda sends her daughter out. During her search, Sorsha encounters mercenary Madmartigan (Val Kilmer). Initially, their relationship is quite antagonistic, but that changes as the film progresses. They fall in love with each other, and Sorsha helps Madmartigan and his allies take down her mother. If you are wondering whether she is part of the Disney+ namesake sequel series of ‘Willow,’ here is what you need to know. SPOILERS AHEAD.

A Queen Returns: Sorsha’s Role in the Willow Sequel

Along with Warwick Davis, who portrays the titular character, Joanne Whalley is one of the prominent members of the cast of the original film to reprise his role in the sequel series. In the time that has passed between the events of the two projects, Sorsha and Madmartigan got married and had two children together, twins Airk (Dempsey Bryk) and Kit (Ruby Cruz). With Elora Danan hidden away, Sorsha became the sovereign of Tir Asleen.

Because of Willow’s warnings, Sorsha knew that evil would return one day and sent her husband in search of Kymerian Cuirass, a weapon to fight the said evil. However, he disappeared. When Willow showed up at her doorstep to train Elora Danan in magic, Sorsha refused, claiming that the Newlyn sorcerer wasn’t qualified enough.

In an interview with EW, Whalley said it was an easy decision for her to return to the ‘Willow’ world. “For years, there’d been rumors about revisiting ’Willow,’ she elaborated. “You always have that, ‘Well, we’ll believe it when we see it,’ notion in our heads. I never thought I would not be involved, either. It’s a no-brainer. Like it or not, I’m Princess Sorsha, and now, Queen Sorsha. It would have [been] awful to not be involved in it. But there was never a no, because of the way it was presented, and the people involved, and what they wanted, and how much they loved it, and their intention. I’m here; I can still handle a sword.


According to Whalley, her character doesn’t have an easy life and often feels “a little world-weary” because of the burdens she carries on her shoulders. This includes being a single parent to two very wilful children. At the same time, she remains the same adventurous warrior that she was all those years ago.

She’s your mum who can go out and kill monsters with a sword, but she’s your mum who likes to watch the odd Hallmark movie,” the actress stated. “She’s all of those things in one place. Everyone’s so concerned about slapping labels on things and will limit themselves to one shade of something, one behavior trait or one trademark look. It’s denying the spectrum of things that are there.”

 Whalley continued, “I love the things that are contradictory in people, because that’s when you see that they’re human beings. Her romantic streak hasn’t gone anywhere. The idea of how she wants to make the kingdom safe, that’s a romantic notion. The world that she wants to pass onto her children, that’s romantic. On a personal level, she’s never lost that romantic streak that made her fall head over heels in love with Madmartigan. She’s a whole person, and that’s why I love her.

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