Is Josh Peck’s Drew Leaving HIMYF? Theories

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Josh Peck’s Drew walks into Sophie’s life in Hulu’s sitcom ‘How I Met Your Father’ inadvertently. Still, he manages to convince Sophie that he will not be another disappointing man she dates or the 89th man who is going to fail her. Even though both of them begin their relationship admirably, without caring about the differences between them, Drew’s negative attitude towards Sophie’s passion incites severe repercussions on their relationship. As the eighth episode of the sitcom ends stunningly, one must be wondering whether Drew is completely out of Sophie’s life, potentially paving the way for the actor’s exit from the show. Let’s find out! SPOILERS AHEAD.

What Happened to Drew?

When Sophie and Drew start dating, the vice-principal surprises her with his ability to understand and accept her. Drew begins to find happiness in little things associated with Sophie rather than expecting grand gestures. His honesty and communication help Sophie to confront her own insecurities to propel their relationship. After several men, Sophie starts to believe that Drew possesses the potential to be the one. They conquer the differences between them for the sake of their relationship. However, their appealing togetherness crumbles down in the eighth episode of the show.

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When Drew offers a full-time music teacher position at his school to Jesse, Sophie questions Drew’s intentions. The vice-principal answers her that Jesse should have a stable job rather than clinging to his passion. Stunned, Sophie asks him whether he feels the same about her being a photographer. The ever-honest Drew opens up his mind and expresses that Sophie also needs a stable job for the life ahead and photography, as a passion, cannot replace that need. Sophie realizes that Drew doesn’t understand her passion and identity, leading her to walk away from the event. Sophie encounters Jesse and she remembers how he has always succeeded in perceiving her insecurities and passion in a positive light.

Upon realizing that Jesse is more compatible than Drew, she kisses him. Sophie’s realization and the moment of intimacy with Jesse indicate that her relationship with Drew arrives at a possible dead-end. As Sophie walks away from Drew, fans of the show must be curious to know whether the most-likely end of their relationship is a gateway for Josh Peck to leave the show. Let’s find out!

Is Josh Peck Leaving How I Met Your Father?

When Drew approaches Jesse for potentially dating Sophie, she dismisses him at first thinking he can’t be any different from the numerous men she has dated. Her repeated failure to find a suitable partner tries to resist another disappointment. Still, she gives Drew a chance and he succeeds to impress her. But Drew’s comments about Sophie’s passion and career and Jesse’s ability to read Sophie and help her grow as a person do not look good for Drew anymore. By proving Sophie’s doubts right, Drew nips the bud of his relationship with her, paving the way for Josh Peck to leave the show.

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However, Hulu or Peck hasn’t released an official statement regarding Drew’s supposed departure. Even if Sophie and Drew officially break up, that doesn’t necessarily mean the end of the character. Drew can still exist in the narrative, trying to work on the mistake he made. His optimism may teach him that he still has a chance with Sophie if he changes his outlook about her passion and career. If he succeeds in it before Sophie and Jesse solidify their potential relationship, Drew may still find a way back to Sophie. The sense of belonging he feels with Sophie irrespective of their differences may motivate him to change to a better version of himself for Sophie’s sake.

Since ‘How I Met Your Father’ is already renewed for a sophomore season, writers of the show may not be in a haste to write off a character with significant potential to explore. If that’s the case, it is likely that Josh Peck will continue featuring in the show.

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