Lifetime’s Hidden Murder Island: Is the Movie Rooted in Reality?

Lifetime’s ‘Hidden Murder Island’ is a thriller drama movie that follows the story of two friends — Fey and Maddie — who get attacked out of nowhere while camping. Unfortunately, only Fey survives the attack as a stranger from deep in the woods arrives at the scene for rescue. After the traumatic incident, she suffers from amnesia and is safely back at her parents’ island estate. Troubled by the flashbacks of the day, Fey sets off to find answers and find out who the perpetrator is. As she reaches closer to the truth, she realizes that there are several layers to what transpired on the beach on that fateful day.

Helmed by Damián Romay, the Lifetime movie features impressive onscreen performances from talented actors, including Andrea Bogart, Donny Boaz, Allie Forsberg, Zach Lane, and Shawn Reimer. The themes of deception and murder are at the heart of the narrative, and unfortunately, they are also quite prevalent in real life. Thus, it is understandable why some of you might pose the question — is ‘Hidden Murder Island’ based on true events? Well, we have gathered all the information, so let’s explore the same together, shall we?

Hidden Murder Island: Inspired by Actual Events

Yes, ‘Hidden Murder Island’ is partially based on a true story. Yet, that doesn’t take any credit away from Richard Lister, the screenwriter who used his creative mind, exceptional penmanship, and experience in the industry to come up with such an engaging screenplay while keeping in mind the actual events that are at the core of the narrative.

As mentioned above, the driving and predominant themes of deception and murder are not unheard of in reality. While the makers of the Lifetime film have not come forward and revealed the specific events from which they got inspired or influenced, some strikingly similar murder cases have taken place in real life. For instance, take the case of the Coorong Beach attack in February 2016, where two women went camping and barely escaped from the clutches of a horrible death.

The two young women were reportedly joined by their alleged attacker on the same day of the attack at the isolated Tea Tree Point beach near Salt Creek on the Coorong. When the three decided to set up camp on the coast for the night, the alleged culprit seriously injured the two women by attacking them sexually. While one of them was reportedly taken away in a vehicle by the attacker, the second victim managed to escape and was found naked by the fishermen camped nearby, after which the police were notified about the situation.

Soon enough, the alleged attacker was charged with multiple offenses, including attempted murder and unlawful detention. Fortunately, in this case, the two young women were instantly taken to Flinders Medical Centre, where their conditions were declared stable. Hence, the makers of the Lifetime movie probably took inspiration from such real-life occurrences and dramatized the cases to make the film not just true-to-life but also gripping. All in all, it would be fair to say that including certain realistic themes and subjects is a testament to the fact that ‘Hidden Murder Island’ is rooted in reality as it is influenced by some actual events.

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