Lifetime’s Look Who’s Stalking: Is the Movie Based on Real People?

Directed by Doug Campbell, Lifetime’s ‘Look Who’s Stalking,’ which was originally titled ‘Haunted by My Stalker,’ is a thriller movie about Dr. Hope Connors. Having been a victim of stalking in the past, she is trying to build her life back after the death of her stalker while also handling the responsibilities of being a new mother. Helping Hope in her life’s new chapter is her personal assistant.

However, things turn for the worst as Hope tries to figure out if she is still being stalked by her presumably dead ex-stalker. Starring Alissa Filoramo, Juliana Destefano, and Harley Jay, the film contains many turns and twists that are sure to keep you on the edge of your seats. In fact, fans are pretty eager to learn just how the plot was conceived and whether or not it takes inspiration from real life. Luckily, we are here to explore the same!

Look Who’s Stalking is Not a True Story

‘Look Who’s Stalking’ is not based on a true story. The film is instead the result of the excellent work done by director Doug Campbell, who has helmed over 50 projects in his career. His contribution to ‘Nanny Dearest‘ and ‘Spinning Out of Control‘ certainly helped increase the movie’s entertainment factor, and he has indeed worked his magic on the  Alissa Filoramo starrer as well, as evident by its ability to keep viewers captivated.

Even though no one event has led to the conception of the movie’s plot, certain real-life elements have been used in the story to make it feel so lifelike. The first and foremost is the concept of stalking which has become quite commonplace in the world of the internet. While it is not unknown for past lovers and rejected suitors to use the internet to keep track of the person they like, many also take it a step further by following others in the real world to keep track of their movements.

Unfortunately, cases like this can often have devastating consequences simply because of one person’s unhealthy interest in the whereabouts of someone else. Consider the 2020 case that took place in Los Angeles, California, involving a medical professional who was found dead in her own home and with one of her ex-partners being the prime suspect given his stalking of the woman in question over the years.

For these reasons, viewers can identify with the sheer paranoia and fear plaguing Hope in the movie when she feels like she is being stalked once more. Given just how dangerous such a person can be, especially one whom she already has unpleasant memories with, the idea of such a man coming back into her life is one fear that the audience can wholeheartedly support, even if one were to ignore the confusion surrounding the living status of the stalker in question.

While ‘Look Who’s Stalking’ is not exactly a true story, it does utilize real-life elements to convey emotions one cannot help but empathize with. The fact that most people in the audience are more or less aware of just how dangerous a stalker can be adds to the film’s realism. This is why the viewers root for Hope to finally be free from the person who keeps on violating her privacy and trust.

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