Is Marrying Millions Scripted?

Relationships are tricky. Unlike the silver screen’s happy-ever-afters that we have been consuming forever, love in real life is not child’s play. Not only must the partners connect emotionally, but other variables like trust, understanding, and money also play an important role in determining how long two people can stay together. Focusing more on the financial aspect of a relationship is ‘Marrying Millions,’ in which we meet various couples from two distinct backgrounds.

While one partner has a bank account that we all dream about, the other is not as rich. How they strive to ensure their romantic success builds the premise of the show. But as is the case with almost all reality shows, one can’t help but wonder if the story we see on our screen is, in fact, rooted in reality or if the producers have taken certain liberties to enhance the drama. Consequently, we decided to explore this facet ourselves, and here’s what we have uncovered.

Is Marrying Millions Scripted?

For all intents and purposes, ‘Marrying Millions’ is not scripted. The show seemingly does wish to shed light on the challenges and tribulations of the couples that it features. Having said that, it seems safe to say that no reality show on our screens has been spared from controversies, and why should ‘Marrying Millions’ be any different?

In season 1, Gentille Chhun (a real estate investor) and Brian Blu (an actor/construction worker) were all set to tie the knot, but eventually, they broke up. Now, in the state of Nevada, a wedding license is required before the ceremony is conducted. However, there was no record of a registered license for the couple, leading many to speculate whether the pair actually wanted to get married or if the event was just for show. (It is pertinent to note that the pair has affirmed that their relationship was authentic).

But this was not the only controversial aspect of their relationship. After all, according to various reports, Brian’s IMDb page credited him as an “actor” as opposed to “self” for his involvement on the show. (This entry, however, is no longer available on the platform anymore). He even goes by the name of Dave Smith. Plus, further reports indicated that Gentille was living in a “staged” house. Consequently, many fans felt as if the show was not entirely real.

Apart from this, Bill Hutchinson and Brianna Ramirez are also a couple that has stirred everyone’s interest, although it was primarily due to the huge age difference between them. In the first episode of season 1, we witnessed a dinner between the couple and one of Bill’s friends, who seemed to insinuate that Brianna was with Bill only because of his financial status. When asked about this, they stated that they had not seen the episode at that point in time.

However, Bill did say that although his personal lawyer had asked the show for editing rights, this request was denied. “They said no reality TV actor gets editing rights on a reality TV show, and I understand why. They’re creating a story, and if we don’t want to look bad, we might hurt their story by saying, “Oh, you’ve got to take that out.'” Evidently, ‘Marrying Millions’ does retain control of what ends up on our screens.

Plus, season 2 couple Nonie Creme and Reese Record went on the record to state that while they did negotiate terms to come on the show, they’ve also tried to keep it “really real.” Nonie, while discussing her relationship, said, “We don’t come from reality TV, we’re not actors. We’re hanging it all out there. We are deeply in love, that part is easy.” But at the same time, she affirmed that disclosing your life on reality television can be daunting and really intense.

So, is ‘Marrying Millions’ real or scripted? Isn’t that the million-dollar question on all our minds? Well, from what we’ve been able to gather, it seems that the producers have put their best foot forward to retain the veracity of the premise. Despite a few oddities, if we may call them that, there really is no evidence that points to the story being cooked up. Having said that, we would still recommend taking the happenings with a pinch of salt.

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