Is Max (Ryan Eggold) Leaving New Amsterdam?

Created by David Schulner, ‘New Amsterdam’ is a medical drama series currently running its third season on NBC. The show revolves around Dr. Maximus Goodwin, AKA Max, who becomes the medical director at New Amsterdam Medical Center. Apart from being a good doctor, what makes him an exceptional person is that he strives to provide excellent care to patients without letting bureaucracy get in the way. Ryan Eggold portrays Dr. Max Goodwin in the NBC medical drama. Although Max has seen some trying times in the past two seasons as well, the latest episode of season 3 has got the fans worried that Max might quit his job. If that happens, could it mean that we won’t be seeing Ryan Eggold in the series anymore? Let’s find out!

What Happened to Dr. Max Goodwin?

In the twelfth episode of season 3, we see that Max risks his life for the sake of his colleagues and patients at New Amsterdam Medical Center. A chemical leak at the hospital puts everyone’s life in jeopardy, but Max identifies the source of the leak and tries to contain the situation to buy more time. However, the poisonous chemical gets to him, and when Dr. Helen finds him, he is in a bad state. Ultimately, Dr. Reynolds is compelled to try out an experimental treatment plan that fortunately works, and Max is saved. While all of this is going on, one can see that Helen feels the pain of almost losing Max.

In this episode, Max and Helen share a tender moment, and it seems like they are finally going to confess how they feel about each other. Just then, Max gets a call from his in-laws to say that they want custody of his daughter, Luna. As we know, Max has already dealt with a lot. He has defeated an aggressive form of throat cancer, dealt with the death of his wife, and now a near-death experience shakes him up. As a single dad, he had to learn to take care of Luna, who means the world to him. This is why the fans are concerned that Max might resign to give more time to Luna, especially since he almost died and also because he faces the threat of losing custody. So, is Eggold leaving the show?

Is Ryan Eggold Leaving New Amsterdam?

Ryan Eggold has not made any public statements regarding his speculated exit from the series. In fact, it looks like things are taking an interesting turn for his character, Max. For one, there is the issue with Luna’s custody which is bound to be an exhausting and painful process. On the other hand, his simmering romance with Helen has been building up for a very long time. The series creator David Schulner addressed the Max and Helen romance in a recent interview in May 2021. Schulner said that it is obvious that the two of them want each other, and for the first time, they are on the same page. Max’s mortality only catalyzes something inevitable, and now there is no way either of them can step back from what has happened between them.

With season 3 almost at its end, there is a lot that Max and Helen have to figure out. However, Luna’s custody battle may slow things down for a while, but the fans hope to get closure to the Max and Helen friendship/ romance situation. ‘New Amsterdam’ is far from its conclusion, as the show has already been renewed through season 5 in early 2020. Therefore, it seems that the fans do not have anything to worry about as Max Goodwin is not going anywhere.

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