Is Mel From Charmed Pregnant in Real Life?

Charmed’ is a fantasy television series that has a dedicated fanbase. The CW series is a reboot of the show that aired on WB from 1998 to 2006. Melonie Diaz plays Mel Vera, one of three good witches who form the powerful trio called “The Charmed Ones.” Mel can freeze time and later develops the ability to manipulate molecules. While the show is running its third season, the fans can’t help but notice that Diaz looks more radiant than ever. This has got some people wondering if it could be because the actress is pregnant. If you are curious to know whether that is the case, we’ve got you covered!

Is Melonie Diaz Pregnant on Charmed?

On March 14, 2021, Melonie Diaz took to Instagram to share the news of her pregnancy. She posted a photograph of herself flaunting her baby bump in the arms of her musician husband, Octavio Genera. In the caption, she wrote that 2020 had been a crazy year for them but a special one since they got married during the pandemic in Summer 2020. She continued that she is grateful and is looking forward to welcoming a “new member” to their family. The couple was showered with congratulatory messages from friends, family, and their fans.

Diaz and Genera have been together for a few years. They met through mutual friends, Greg and Hannah Bernall. While Greg is a musician like Genera, Hannah has been friends with Diaz since they were 12 years old. Genera admitted that he was always fascinated by Diaz even though she had no idea that he existed. Whenever he went to visit Greg and Hannah in LA, Diaz was out of town or unavailable for some or other reason. He finally met her and spent time with her at Greg and Hannah’s wedding in April 2015. Genera admitted that he has loved her ever since. The couple has come a long way and is now expecting their first child.

Even though Diaz announced her pregnancy in March 2021, it seems that she was already quite far along by then. After that, the ‘Charmed’ actress has been posting pictures from the set while filming the third season of the show. Season 3 reportedly wrapped up filming recently on May 22, 2021. Although it may not have been easy for her to continue filming since she was possibly in her third trimester by the time they finished production, she can now focus on her growing family.

With the show already greenlit for its fourth run, Diaz might want to spend as much time as possible with her husband and their soon-to-be-born baby before returning to film the upcoming season. We believe that the baby is due sometime in Summer 2021, but the well-wishers will have to wait to hear the news from the couple when they are ready to share.

Many viewers have also been debating if or not Diaz’s pregnancy will be included in the storyline for ‘Charmed.’ You may remember that Holly Marie Combs’s pregnancy was written into the sixth season of the original series. With five more episodes of the third installment to be aired, let’s see what the future holds for Mel Vera.

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