Is Minx’s Pleasure Garden a Real Sex Toy Company?

Image Credit: Katrina Marcinowski/HBO Max

In the second episode of HBO Max’s comedy series ‘Minx,’ Joyce and Doug approach several companies in Los Angeles to gain advertisements for their magazine Minx. Knowing that no “respectable companies” would advertise in their erotic magazine, Doug goes to numerous companies that deal with adult entertainment.

His pitch convinces Pleasure Garden, a company that sells sex toys, to advertise in Minx. Even though Joyce initially hesitates to advertise Pleasure Garden’s sex toys, she finally accepts to do it. As the company’s products lead Joyce to a pivotal realization, one must be curious whether Pleasure Garden is real. Let’s find out! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Is Pleasure Garden a Real Sex Toy Company?

No, Pleasure Garden is not a real sex toy company. The company is conceived by the writers of the show solely for narrative purposes. Although there’s an eponymous online sex toy shop, it isn’t connected to the company in the show. However, Pleasure Garden is seemingly modeled after numerous sex toy companies that emerged in the 1960s and 1970s.

Image Credit: Katrina Marcinowski/HBO Max

During the second wave of feminism, taboos concerning sex toys like dildos and vibrators became challenged by feminist movements. Women started to extensively buy these products in the wake of feminist notions of sexual independence. Like Joyce’s sister Shelly, women became aware of achieving sexual satisfaction without the need of a man. As a result, several companies launched to sell sex toys in between the ‘60s and ‘80s, including Doc Johnson and Vibratex.

At the same time, Hitachi’s Magic Wand became popular among women as a clitoral vibrator. The sex-positive movement of the time also increased the popularity of Hitachi’s product, sold as a massager and primarily used as a vibrator. Pleasure Garden and its products could be inspired by these companies and their products which were a significant part of the sex-positive movement of the time. Pleasure Garden’s vibrator, which Joyce uses in the show, does resemble Hitachi’s Magic Wand.

The fictional Pleasure Garden plays an important part in the narrative of ‘Minx.’ When Doug manages to convince the company to advertise in their magazine, Joyce decides against it since she sees sex toys as abominable things. Joyce also believes that the women around her do not use these toys, only for her to realize that her belief is wrong. Shelly reveals to her sister that she uses toys for sexual satisfaction even after getting married. Shelly even asks Joyce to use it before she decides against advertising it. Intrigued, Joyce uses Pleasure Garden’s vibrator and gets convinced that the product should be advertised in Minx.

Joyce’s use of Pleasure Garden’s vibrator changes her misconception regarding sex toys. She realizes that the toys help one attain sexual satisfaction without the necessity of a man. The notion of independence attached to the toys appeals to her and she designs an advertisement for the company. In reality, several sex toy manufacturers and companies have revolutionized modern women’s approach to sexuality. Pleasure Garden can be seen as a homage to them.

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