Is Mistletoe a Real Farm? Is Cobbledon a Real Town?

The Netflix Christmas movie ‘Christmas on Mistletoe Farm’ has all the crucial elements of a festive feel-good movie. It revolves around a single dad who surprisingly inherits an animal farm in a local town. He takes his kids from the city to the farm and experiences the wonders of true farm life. Directed and written by Debbie Isitt, the movie features Scott Garnham, Scott Paige, Ashley Jensen, Celia Imrie, Kathryn Drysdale, and Carolyn Pickles among other various actors cast as the townspeople in the movie.

The film is set in the Mistletoe Farm, located in the town of Cobbledon in England. Many viewers thus wonder about the truth behind these places and whether or not they exist in real life. The farm and the town seem to be picturesque and idyllic for anyone looking for some time off. Let’s find out if the farm and the town are real places on the map.

Is Mistletoe a Real Farm?

The Mistletoe Farm, as the name suggests, contributes to the plot to a greater extent. Matt inherits the Mistletoe Farm from his father, who abandons him when he was a child. His father did not spend much time with him in his childhood and Matt does not even know much about him. Out of the blue, he gets legal papers delivered to his house that tell him that he has inherited a farm in Cobbledon.

Matt reaches there with his five kids who are delighted to be on a farm, experiencing rural life. The farm extends for acres and is lush green with trees and animals. It looks like a perfect getaway from city life that gets very tedious at times. But it’s a shame that the farm is not a real place. Considering the movie is shot in West Midlands in England, it is safe to assume that in the scenes, various pastures available in the area were shot to form the farmland. Moreover, the barn and the house could have been shot in the region with the help of developed properties surrounding the Midlands.

Is Cobbledon a Real Town?

The town of Cobbledon is the warm and affectionate place where the Mistletoe Farm is situated in the movie ‘Christmas on Mistletoe Farm’. The people of the town are welcoming and make the Cunningham family feel at home. Everyone pitched in to take care of the kids when Matt was too busy dealing with work or farm troubles. The town is like a world of its own. They have everything they need right there and don’t have to worry about anything else.

Image Credit: Netflix

The Cunningham family could rely on the townspeople for their assistance and the people came through for the new family. It would be a wonderful experience to live in such a town surrounded by trustworthy and supportive people. But the writer and director Debbie Isitt set the movie in a fictional town Cobbledon which is unfortunately not found on the map of the world. It appears to be a wordplay on Wimbledon, another UK town that is famous for hosting Tennis championships and being home to various chic cafes and boutiques.

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