Is Netflix’s Five Star Chef Scripted or Real?

With the famed Michel Roux Jr serving as both the judge and the host, Netflix’s ‘Five Star Chef’ has quickly become one of the most popular cooking shows. The British series also features Mike Reid and Ravneet Gill, who join Roux in his quest to find the next head chef of Palm Court restaurant at the Langham Hotel in London, England. Competing for this spot are seven amazingly talented chefs who hail from across the world and are ready to bring something unique to the table of their potential customers.

However, only one person can emerge as the winner by showcasing their skills in the kitchen. While the show has certainly wowed us with its eye-catching and mouth-watering dishes, some people are eager to explore if the competition is as legitimate as it seems, and we are here to explore the same!

Is Five Star Chef Scripted?

No, we do not believe that ‘Five Star Chef’ is scripted. One of the biggest reasons behind our assertion of this is the prestige associated with the prestigious position of Palm Court head chef, which every competitor in the show is vying for. Additionally, all three judges, especially Michel Roux Jr, are well-known within the culinary industry, and their on-screen judgment is certainly a reflection of their own expertise. Hence, the chance that the show might be fake seems low.

One should note that Langham Hotel, which has been open since 1865, is one of the most prestigious hospitality establishments in the city of London. Given that they have endorsed the competition and have even actively promoted it on their website indeed lends well to the authenticity of the series. Interestingly, Palm Court has long been a point of gathering for some of the most elite in the English capital. So a place as prestigious as this offers a chance for a genuinely nail-biting competition with very high stakes.

As for the show’s primary judge and host, Michel Roux Jr has long been known worldwide for his culinary skills. Having grown up alongside a father and uncle who were also well-respected in the field, it is no wonder that Roux takes pride in his work. While some viewers may not be used to the chef’s harsh criticism that is evident to see in the show, his long-time followers must certainly be aware that this is the norm for the culinary expert. During his tenure as a judge for ‘MasterChef: The Professionals,’ he was similarly brutal in his comments and publically stated that he felt were less harsh and more honest., though he maintains that he always tries to keep his feedback constructive in order to help the other person grow.

Given the numerous prestigious names that are associated with ‘Five Star Chef,’ we are highly inclined to believe that the show is as legitimate as it claims to be. After all, a competition of such scale is not just about a winner but the mark that they will undoubtedly leave on the history of an establishment like Palm Court. Hence, the emphasis that the judges put on finding a chef that is both creative and can be a good leader is a certainly understandable ask.

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