Is Netflix’s The Four of Us Based on a True Story?

Helmed by Florian Gottschick, ‘The Four of Us’ (originally titled: ‘Du Sie Er & Wir’) is a German original romantic comedy film that packs intense drama and hearty laughter to keep the genre fans engaged. The story follows four friends – two couples – who meet at a remote beach house following their four-weeks partner swap experiment. However, when one of the swapped couples breaks an only rule, things spin out of control in the blink of an eye. However, after watching the movie, you are bound to wonder about its credibility. Love has no rationale, but does the film have one? Well, let’s probe into it!

Is The Four of Us Based on a True Story?

No, ‘The Four of Us’ is not based on a true story. It does not claim to be true either, as the scope of the movie is entirely fictional. Florian Gottschick, who previously swayed the audiences with ‘Bright Night (2014)’ and Fucking Berlin (2016), brings another quirky romance tale in ‘The Four of Us.’ He directed the movie from a screenplay penned by Florian von Bornstädt.

The story chronicles two couples who arrange for a four-week swap with their respective beaus. However, there is a condition – they cannot for once fornicate in the duration of these four weeks. Following four weeks, they meet in a quiet beach house to evaluate their relationships. One of the couples has had sex during the swap, which kickstarts a drama full of melodrama, bitterness, and occasional comedy. The premise is wacky and intriguing, but it also comes off as a bit filmy.

It is pretty unrealistic, no doubt, but what makes the story interesting is the progression of the characters through the conundrum. How the characters look back at their sabotaged love experiment is one worth devouring. In relationships, love and sex are often co-related, if not equated, but does sleeping with a person inevitably indicate love towards that person? There are two ways to go about it – they can either fall apart or work to rebuild trust. Sex with another person is a strict taboo in a mutually exclusive heteronormative relationship, and the movie subsequently chronicles such a case scenario.

Both couples face these questions, and the intensity of the drama is created solely through chemistry. In this bittersweet romantic comedy, rising stars Nilam Farooq, Louis Nitsche, Jonas Nay, and Paula Kalenberg portray the central roles with commendable grace. The dynamic between the lead actors seemingly lends the movie its effusive energy. The film keeps the audience hooked by making us guess about the final fate of the couples. If you have seen the film till the final moments, you may know whether they mend their relationships or if they fall apart.

But the eye-gazing experiment to build intimacy and bring out the truth comes off as quite realistic. Eye contact can make you recognize genuine emotions, it may create a stronger sense of intimacy with your loved one, and may even lead to spiritual awakening, as per the ancient doctrines of tantra. According to a 2017 study, humans use eye contact in social situations to determine how the other party is feeling. The eye-gazing experiment can do wonders for couples, making them more transparent to each other. Therefore, although the movie is far from a documentary, it conceals handy tips on mending a failing relationship (or not).

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