Netflix’s Today We’ll Talk About That Day: Is it Based on Real Life?

The daunting and all-encompassing emotions that set the precursor for life’s major decisions make a comeback in the prequel to the renowned Indonesian drama, ‘One Day We’ll Talk About Today.’ ‘Today We’ll Talk About That Day,’ helmed by Angga Dwimas Sasongko, picks up the story of a young Narendra and Ajeng and dives into the young love that eventually gives way to several unordinary themes. The story revolves around siblings Awan, Aurora, and Angkasa and their parents, Narendra and Ajeng. The movie dives into the past of the parents, which plays a pivotal role in formulating the present of the family.

The movie features compelling performances by Jourdy Pranata, Yunita Siregar, Rio Dewanto, and Agla Artalidia. As the story unfurls the courtship of Narendra and Ajeng, it gives way to the trauma and hurt that has cumulated over the years and manifested into parental pressure and countless secrets. With children reevaluating their lives and romances crumbling due to innate patterns, the movie features a number of themes that hit close to home. Naturally, viewers wonder whether or not ‘Today We’ll Talk About That Day’ is based on a true story.

Today We’ll Talk About That Day is Not a True Story

‘Today We’ll Talk About That Day’ is not a true story. While the movie features the instrumental years of a person in the making, the story is still scripted by director and writer Angga Dwimas Sasongko. Enamoring the audiences with a poignant storyline that encompasses the heartwrenching trauma of familial disdain, the movie traces a number of pivotal themes. Most central to the story is the theme of fighting for the ones we love. Whether it is Narendra’s endless strive to prove his adoration and affection for Ajeng or Angkasa, the eldest son’s struggle with love, the movie repeatedly reiterates that the ubiquitous power of love is unmatched.

Unlike the streak of milestones that many people expect, life isn’t without its ups and downs. Instead, the warping capacity of life’s travails is enough to question one’s belief in love. ‘Today We’ll Talk About That Day’ bellows the aching pain that accompanies such affection. However, even when things seem bleak, and the future seems uncertain, trust and true connection prevail.

With Narendra offering his insights to Angkasa, ‘Today We’ll Talk About That Day’ features the paradoxical disconnect of human relationships. As Angkasa remains reluctant to accept his father’s help and advice, the movie traces the authentic tale of human disposition, adding another dimension of realism to the story. So, even though ‘Today We’ll Talk About That Day’ features the utmost real matters of the heart, it is still based on a fictional story. Owing to its fictitious status, the creators used enough creative liberties to embellish the storyline accordingly.

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