Queenmaker: Is the South Korean Show Based on Real People?

Netflix’s ‘Queenmaker’ is a South Korean series originally titled ‘Kwinmeikeo’ directed by Oh Jin-Seok. It revolves around Hwang Do-Hee, who is an employee at Eunsung Group and manages the strategic team planning aspect of the company. Her gift is the ability to influence and manipulate public opinion, which she does effortlessly during critical moments.

Hwang Do-Hee’s paths soon cross with Kyung-Sook, a human rights lawyer who is against Eunsung Group but wants to become the mayor. The two go against each other as their opinions differ, but they both want the same thing, i.e., for Kyung-Sook to hold the mayor title. If you are invested in political drama and want to know whether there’s any truth to the story of these powerful women, we’ve got you covered.

Queenmaker is Not a True Story

No, Queenmaker is not based on a true story; it is driven by a fictional narrative written by Moon Ji-young, who uses inspiration from real-life politics and powerplay. The story highlights multiple critical issues that are prevalent in our society. Most importantly, it depicts how large corporations influence the political landscape and also shows how public opinion can be easily molded by twisting the facts. It is evident that every time a large company is exposed due to all its wrongdoings, its primary focus lies on cleaning its public image rather than undoing the harm it causes.

In 2021, it was reported that the petroleum businesses were allegedly destroying the environment by exploiting fossil fuels. There were numerous lawsuits filed against them, and even their own scientists warned them about the aggravating impact, but many reports claim that all of these warnings and evidence were shoved under the rug. The legal battle against the same is going to be long and tiring, but activists are still trying to make these giant corporations repay for their actions.

Hwang Do-Hee essentially manages public relations for Eunsung Group. The series showcases how she restores the image of the company. She does this by harnessing her knowledge of PR. Firstly, the company admits to the mistake and then puts forth a short-term and long-term plan to show how they are effectively dealing with the problem. Highlighting the positive impact is important to balance out the negativity. Moreover, making sure that information leaks due to having no control over the employees are also a crucial aspect.

Many have followed a similar route and rebuilt their image after a large scandal. In today’s day and age, when ‘cancel culture’ is at its peak, companies always invest in having a good PR team. This move acts in their interest and helps them protect their stock value and long-term valuation. One of the most critically acclaimed series that features the power of PR is ‘Mad Men.’ The show is set in the 1960s and explores the world of advertising. It follows Sterling Cooper, a fictional ad agency that creates successful campaigns and shapes public opinion to sell products.

Another show is ‘Suits,’ which has a recurring theme of how big corporations use PR to protect their interests and manipulate the legal system. The series also depicts the moral dilemma that lawyers face when they work for such clients. Other political dramas with similar themes are ‘House Of Cards’ and ‘Succession.’ In addition to media influence and corruption, ‘Queenmaker’ also touches on themes of social class, gender inequality, and power dynamics.

Even though it is fictional, ‘Queenmaker’ perfectly encapsulates the struggles of people who are not born into wealth and privilege and must fight against a system that only favors the elite. The rivalry between the two female leads is quite complex, as they both have different worldviews but ultimately want to achieve the same goal. The plot twists, political maneuvering, and unique character development arcs of the supporting characters keep the viewers engaged throughout the show.

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