Rachael Leigh Cook: A Tourist’s Guide to Love Star’s Dating Life With Kevin Mann

Image Credit: Sasidis Sasisakulporn/Netflix

Having been active in the acting industry for a long time, Rachael Leigh Cook is a well-known name. Her appearance in Netflix’s ‘A Tourist’s Guide to Love‘ has once again made her a common topic of conversation. While interest in the actress’ professional life remains as strong as ever, the public is more than ever eager to learn about her love life. Is Rachael married? If not, is there a special someone in her life? Well, here is what we know about the same!

Rachael Leigh Cook’s Former Relationships

Given just how long Rachael has been a part of the entertainment industry, it is no wonder that her dating history has been of much interest to the public. From 1997 to 1999, she dated Shane West, who is well-known for his roles in ‘Once and Again’ and ‘A Walk to Remember.’

After this, Rachael was linked to Shawn Hatosy of ‘Animal Kingdom‘ fame. Her long-standing friendship with Rider Strong seemingly also took a romantic turn around 1999. Additionally, she briefly dated Antonio Sabato Jr, Brandon Davis, and Jacob Young. Yet, one of Rachael’s most famous former partners is perhaps Ryan Reynolds, whom she dated for about a year in 2001. However, the two went on their separate paths in 2002.

Rachael Leigh Cook’s Ex-Husband and Kids

In August 2004, Rachael Leigh Cook married Daniel Gillies, a fellow actor. It seems like the dating period preceding their marriage was brief, at least according to her. “We got married incredibly fast,” the actress shared with People. “We got engaged after dating for maybe five months, and we got married a couple of months after that. There was just so much more both of us wanted to do. We wanted to travel and accomplish a lot more in our professional lives.”

Almost a decade into their marriage, Rachael and Daniel announced they were expecting their first child. The news broke in May of 2013, and the would-be parents were quite excited about the same, though the ‘She’s All That’ star admitted that many people were surprised that they had waited so long. “We’re both people who like kids, but we weren’t jumping up and down, like, ‘Oh my God, let’s start that chapter of our lives.’ We weren’t that kind of people,” she elaborated. “Now that we know what our lives are going to look like — sort of — for the next couple of months, we just felt like it was the right time finally. We’re not getting any younger.”

The couple welcomed their daughter into the world on September 28, 2013. Named Charlotte Easton Gillies, the firstborn was celebrated by everyone in her family. Soon, the family expanded after their son, Theodore Vigo Sullivan Gillies, arrived on April 4, 2015. However, after about a decade and a  half of being wed, Rachael and Daniel announced a significant decision through a joint statement in June 2019.

“With deep gratitude for every year we have spent together and the thousands of beautiful memories shared, we have mutually decided to separate as a couple,” Rachael and Daniel shared. They added, “We love and respect each other as parents, people, and artists and look forward to maintaining the best parts of our relationship for many years to come.” About a year after separating, Rachael filed for divorce on July 10, 2020, in Los Angeles County, California. The divorce was finalized on March 10, 2021, with both actors sharing custody of their children and four pets (two dogs and two cats).

“It was really hard when Daniel and I decided to separate because of the massive implications that come with that and the upheaval, but honestly, we’re really good,” the actress shared with Entertainment Tonight in August 2020 while talking about her relationship with Daniel after separation. “We’re friends now. We talk about things that we never talked about before because we have this new relationship.”

Rachael Leigh Cook’s Boyfriend

In September 2020, Rachael revealed that she was in a relationship following her separation from Daniel Gillies. At the time, she did not disclose her boyfriend’s name, though she was more than happy to hype him up to the media outlets and was quite enamored by the producer and swim coach. “He’s absolutely amazing,” she confessed to People. “He’s just one of the kindest, smartest, silliest, most incredibly wonderful humans you could ever want to meet. And I’m lucky that he is also tolerating me.”

On July 15, 2021, Rachael finally revealed her beau’s identity through a now-deleted Instagram post. She posted pictures with her boyfriend, Kevin Mann, whom she met thanks to Judy Greer, a mutual friend. Rachael sang Kevin’s praises to Entertainment Tonight, saying, “I love his perfect heart. He’s magic… He’s a producer. He has incredible taste. He’s the greatest guy. He’s fine with working really hard and doing great things, and he does so much for other people. And then he will watch unlimited seasons of ’90 Day Fiancé’ with me.” As of October 2022, Rachael was seemingly still dating Kevin.

Around the same time, the actress shared that while she was not opposed to getting married again, she was unsure if she wanted kids. It is to be noted that Kevin is seemingly completely absent from Rachael’s Instagram as of writing. This includes the adorable announcement post through which she made her relationship with him official. Given that neither party has indicated having broken up, we can only speculate why Rachael’s beau is absent from her social media. Yet, with no official update from their end, it is safe to assume that the two are seemingly still together for now.

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