Scott Ly From A Tourist’s Guide to Love: All We Know About the Star

Directed by Steven K Tsuchida, Netflix’s ‘A Tourist’s Guide to Love‘ is a heartwarming romantic comedy movie that compels viewers to fall in love with its relatable characters and their journey. Thanks to their stellar acting, the film’s cast has received a lot of praise, including Scott Ly, who plays the role of Sinh Thach. His work has helped the actor become a household name and exponentially increased his fanbase. Naturally, people are eager to know everything about this talented artist. Luckily, we are here to tell you what we know about Scott!

Scott Ly’s Connection to His Vietnamese Ethnicity

Born on April 2, 1978, in Houston, Texas, Scott Ly grew up in San Gabriel Valley, California. The actor is of Vietnamese descent, and his family fled the country as boat refugees after the Fall of Saigon (April 30, 1975). Unlike Scott, all three of his older siblings were born in Vietnam. The youngest of four has been interested in athletics from a young age and even served as the captain of his high school’s basketball and wrestling teams.

Given Scott’s family history and his character’s background in the Steven K Tsuchida directorial, it is no wonder the film resonates with him very much. “For it to be this first project that I get to really kind of sink my teeth into, play the lead role, and have so much on my shoulders — for it to be in Vietnam, from where my parents came from — for it to be something that I could really just relate so well to, it was the perfect fairytale story,” Scott explained in ABC’s ‘Good Morning America.’

Scott’s family has undoubtedly supported his work in the entertainment industry, especially his mother, whom he loves very much. “My mom is always like, ‘Hey honey, I teach you how to be a good person. You go out there, and you experience life, and you go and do whatever you want to do.’ So she knows she brought me to this country,” the actor shared. Overall, Scott is quite an optimistic person who is always looking forward to what life brings next.

Scott Ly’s Acting Career

Since 2006, Scott has been active in the entertainment industry as an actor, having worked in various short films for the first few years. In 2011, he starred in ‘Legend of Souls,’ a show for which he also worked as a Writer and Producer. Over the years, he has been a part of many well-known projects like ‘FBI: Most Wanted,’ ‘Criminal Minds: Beyond Borders,’ and ‘Animal Kingdom.’ Given his love for various forms of martial arts and physical fitness in general, the actor also works as a personal trainer.

Interestingly, it was during one of Scott’s sessions as a Personal Trainer when he got the call asking him to read his lines opposite Rachael Leigh Cook for the Netflix movie. The artist immediately agreed and was soon ready to star as the male protagonist in his film. “I [learned] a lot from her,” he told Tudum while talking about Rachel. “She’s the wave, I’m the surfer, and I let her kind of take me on the ride.” In turn, the actress also could not compliment her co-star enough. Currently, Scott is set to star in an upcoming HBO Max series, a development he proudly shared with his fans.

Scott Ly is Keeping His Dating Life Private

As for writing, Scott Ly does not seem to be dating anyone and is yet to disclose details of his love life to the public. Instead, he seems entirely focused on his acting work and the various projects he has been a part of certainly speak well of his talent and dedication. In fact, it seems like the Netflix star is only looking forward to what might be in store for him. Besides, he remains dedicated to his physical training and never misses a day of honing his skill in circuit training, yoga, Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, and mixed martial arts.

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