Is Renovation 911 Scripted or Real?

Sisters Kirsten Meehan and Lindsey Uselding bring a unique twist to home renovation with HGTV’s ‘Renovation 911.’  The home improvement reality series features the two Minnesota-based siblings undertaking emergency renovation projects for homes that have been struck by calamities — both natural and technical. Using Kirsten’s design and construction skills and Lindsey’s logistics and insurance expertise, the duo helps homeowners who need urgent repairs with efficient renovation plans. But given that it is, after all, a reality show, and one doesn’t truly see everything that goes on behind the cameras, it makes one wonder how authentic the HGTV series is. If you’re curious about the same, here’s what we discovered!

Is Renovation 911 Scripted?

Since the beginning, HGTV and the makers have pitched ‘Renovation 911’ as a completely unscripted show, and we find no reason to believe otherwise. For starters, natural disasters, as well as fire and technical accidents, are not something to be joked about or staged, and the homeowners featured on the show have undergone such hazardous situations. In fact, the show’s basic premise is based on aiding those who have faced such troubles and helping them get their lives back to normal by restoring their abodes.

Besides, the home improvement series gives a detailed look into what really goes behind rebuilding a house with all functional amenities in place. Hence, there is little scope for pretense, as every step is carefully planned by assessing the damage and considering factors like insurance, budget, construction material, and location. Any mistake could cost the homeowners their property and savings and also tarnish the reputation of Kirsten and Lindsey’s family business, Ungerman Inc. In addition, no one can foresee the challenges that may arise in a renovation project, so the obstacles the sisters face on the show don’t seem scripted.

Moreover, for the sisters, their work is more than just rebuilding a house — it is about reassuring people in distress. In an interview with Star Tribune, Lindsey shared, “When our clients fall, they need help, and being there for them in a time of need and helping them through the emergencies they are experiencing in their home is rewarding. I try to show compassion, empathy, and a little humor to help them get through those difficult situations.” Furthermore, Kirsten assured that the show portrays their jobs as authentically as possible.

“…It’s really surreal, and we are incredibly grateful it worked out because it really showcases what we do every day. Not a lot of people get to see their job on TV…I’ve always liked to use my hands, get dirty and get into a space. It’s ever-changing, and no day is the same as the last, and no job is the same as the next. It’s not only in our blood, we just love it,” added Kirsten. The HGTV series features several homeowners facing differing issues; no two are the same. While someone’s house has been gutted by fire, another’s washing machine has flooded, or a tree has fallen through the roof.

More than entertainment, the show’s priority is to highlight how Kirsten, Lindsey, and their team restore a house in the least amount of time to make it livable for the owners again. Thus, it is more about their client’s requirements than the cameras capturing their daily lives. In another interview with HGTV, Lindsey stated, “When a client has an emergency, Kirsten and I make sure their family is okay and promise to get them back in their home as fast as possible. We guide them through the restoration process, but our job is about more than restoring a house. It’s about bringing a family back home to live.”

Kirsten continued, “Lindsey and I see house emergencies of all shapes and sizes. The key is that we stay positive for our clients no matter the extent of the damage and show them the fun in reimagining their new and improved home. We love giving them a fresh start.” Although, since the show is a part of reality TV, it is evident that certain parts are edited in the post-production phase, including the minor disagreements between the sisters. However, considering the factors mentioned above and Lindsey and Kirsten’s own words, it is likely that such embellishments are minimal and ‘Renovation 911’ is primarily unscripted and genuine.

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