Where to Stream Rick and Morty Season 7? HBO Max, Hulu Options Explored

A witty and nerdy science-fiction creation of Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon, ‘Rick and Morty‘ chronicles the wacky misadventures of Rick Sanchez, a nihilistic and perpetually belching mega genius of a scientist who probably drinks more than he breathes, and his grandson, Morty Smith, a not-so-bright teenager who is often in a state of nerves. It showcases the grandfather-grandson duo bouncing from one multiverse to another, fighting off odd-looking aliens, monsters, technologically advanced dinosaurs, and other intergalactic species, or scheming against/teaming up with multiple versions of their own selves to save the world.

When they’re not doing that, Rick and Morty are busy dealing with heavy drama back at home, involving Rick’s daughter/Morty’s mother, Beth, Beth’s husband, Jerry, and Morty’s sister, Summer. Since its premiere in 2013, the show has garnered universal acclaim for its brilliant blend of quirky dark humor, exciting time-travel space adventures, familial drama, and surprisingly deep emotional undertones. Now that the seventh season of the multiple Emmy-award-winning show is about to premiere, fans must be wondering about where they can watch their favorite show. If you’re in the same boat, here’s all the streaming information you will need.

What is Rick and Morty Season 7 About?

Set right after the events of the finale of season 6, the narrative follows the titular duo on a quest to find Rick Prime, the evil doppelganger who is responsible for the death of Rick’s wife. Apart from that, there is the inclusion of an intergalactic war, zombies, and a bunch of old fan-favorite characters returning. Moreover, things change for some characters, including Jerry who finally finds a job, and Rick who begins to open up to Morty about his pain. Now that you are eager to find out what happens in season 7, here are all the ways you can watch it yourself!

Is Rick and Morty Season 7 on Netflix?

‘Rick and Morty’ season 7 is not available for streaming on Netflix. But there are several alternatives for the long-running adult-animated series on the streaming giant that you can catch, including ‘The Midnight Gospel‘ and ‘Inside Job.’

Is Rick and Morty Season 7 on HBO Max?

Unfortunately, HBO Max doesn’t house ‘Rick and Morty’ season 7 on its expansive platform, as of yet. But don’t let it disappoint you too much as you can watch the previous seasons of the show using your subscription by heading over here. Besides that, you can turn to other similar shows by using your subscription, such as ‘Steven Universe.’

Is Rick and Morty Season 7 on Hulu?

Hulu subscribers might be disappointed to know that the seventh season of ‘Rick and Morty’ is not available for streaming on the platform. Until it arrives on the streamer, you can tune into the previous seasons of the series from here! Moreover, Hulu more than makes up for it by giving you access to some excellent alternatives, including ‘Futurama‘ and ‘Solar Opposites.’

Is Rick and Morty Season 7 on Amazon Prime?

While ‘Rick and Morty’ season 7 is not a part of Amazon Prime Video’s regular offering, subscribers of the streaming giant still have the option to purchase it. To get more information about the same, you can head over here! Nevertheless, some other similar animated sci-fi shows on the platform that you might find enjoyable are ‘Dexter’s Laboratory.’

Is Rick and Morty Season 7 on Disney+?

No, ‘Rick and Morty’ season 7 is not a part of Disney+’s massive catalog of content. However, there are a few similar options at your disposal, like ‘Gravity Falls.’

Where to Watch Rick and Morty Season 7 Online?

‘Rick and Morty’ season 7 has been released for streaming on Adult Swim and Spectrum on Demand. It is also available for purchase on Vudu, iTunes, Microsoft Store, and YouTube.

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