Is Robert Strand Dead? Did Chad Lowe Leave 9-1-1: Lone Star?

Image Credit: Kevin Estrada/FOX

The fourth season of FOX’s action series ‘9-1-1: Lone Star’ revolves around the preparations for Tyler Kennedy “TK” Strand and Carlos Reyes’s wedding. While the Strands await the blissful occasion, Captain Owen Strand’s half-brother Robert Strand returns to their lives. He gives TK a diary of the latter’s grandfather for the paramedic to know more about him and Owen a wine bottle their father had kept unopened for a long time. In the fourth season finale, Robert attends his nephew’s wedding but the occasion ends with a tragedy concerning the former. Naturally, the viewers must be concerned about Robert’s fate. Well, here’s what we can share about the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Robert Strand is Dead

Yes, Robert Strand is dead. After knowing that he has a half-brother, Robert returns to Owen’s life in the second half of the fourth season. TK cherishes his meeting with Robert, who talks about the former’s cousins to the paramedic. After an appealing dinner, Owen and Robert talk about an astounding matter concerning the latter’s health. Robert reveals to Owen that he is suffering from Huntington’s disease as their father. Due to the same, Robert has tremors in his hands and difficulty swallowing. Since there isn’t any cure for the disease, he accepts that he doesn’t have a long time to live. Owen takes his brother to California and meets the latter’s family.

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Robert then asks Owen for a favor. He reveals to the firefighter that he is entering the chronic stage of the illness, which is expected to end after two years with his death. Robert, however, doesn’t want to suffer for two more years. He doesn’t want to become a burden to his wife and daughters, which leads him to the decision to kill himself. He asks Owen whether the firefighter could be the person who discovers him dead after he kills himself. Although Owen hesitates to grant the favor at first, he ultimately accepts the same. After TK’s wedding, Robert kills himself and Owen calls 9-1-1 to report the same.

Since Robert is dead, the viewers must want to know whether Chad Lowe parted ways with the procedural drama. So, have we seen the last of the Lowe brothers’ on-screen union in the series? Let’s find out.

Character Exit: Decoding Robert Strand’s Fate

Although neither FOX nor Chad Lowe has formally announced the departure of the actor from ‘9-1-1: Lone Star,’ Robert Strand’s death indicates that Chad most likely left the show as a performer. Chad’s apparent exit is not a surprise since the actor joined the series as part of the guest cast rather than the main or recurring cast. Since character deaths more or less indicate the departures of cast members in the series, it is safe to say that Chad had parted ways with the show. Having said that, we can expect the actor to return to the series in the future for Robert to show up in Owen or TK’s visions or flashback scenes, similar to Lisa Edelstein’s return in the fourth season finale.

Image Credit: Kevin Estrada/FOX

In addition, even though Chad won’t appear in the series as an actor, we can expect him to continue directing the episodes of the procedural drama. Since the second season of the series, Chad had directed five episodes of the show, including the engrossing seventeenth episode of the fourth season. Furthermore, even if Chad doesn’t feature in the upcoming episodes of the show, we may see the aftermath of Robert’s death in the lives of Owen and TK, especially after the latter returns home after his honeymoon.

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