Is Roche Dead or Alive? Is Mike O’Malley’s Sam Roche Returning to Snowpiercer? Theories

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Mike O’Malley’s Sam Roche is the lead Brakeman of the Snowpiercer in TNT’s post-apocalyptic series ‘Snowpiercer.’ Roche started his Snowpiercer journey as Melanie’s trusted Brakeman after serving Mr. Wilford as a security officer. During Layton and the Tailie’s rebellion, Roche sides with Layton and becomes his dependable officer. When Wilford takes charge of the train by imprisoning Layton, the mighty engineer puts Roche in the drawers. In the third episode of season 3, Layton and others reconnect the pirate train with the Snowpiercer and acquire the command of the train from Wilford. Bess rushes to Mrs. Headwoods to find her former boss in the drawers. So, is Roche dead or alive? Let’s find out! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Is Roche Dead or Alive?

Roche is alive. As Layton and others try their best to reconnect the pirate train with the Snowpiercer, Bess talks with Miss Audrey about Roche and how much she wants to get him out of the drawers. When Layton succeeds in his mission to reconnect the trains, Bess prioritizes Roche and approaches Mrs. Headwoods. The scientist opens the drawer of Roche and tries to stabilize him. When Wilford takes charge of the Snowpiercer, he spares Roche’s life by putting him in a drawer rather than killing him by exposing him to the cold.

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As Layton and his allies regain the train from Wilford, we can expect Roche to regain his consciousness and return to duty. Since he is not dead but kept unconscious, Layton and Bess may seek the assistance of Mrs. Headwood to oversee the complete recovery of Roche. Even though a lengthy period in a drawer is the last thing a passenger wants to endure in the Snowpiercer, Roche may complete his recovery and come back to his regular life upon completing his recuperation.

Is Mike O’Malley’s Sam Roche Returning to Snowpiercer?

Yes, Mike O’Malley’s Sam Roche is returning to ‘Snowpiercer.’ When the third season of the show premiered without any mentions of Roche, the admirers of the character were distressed over Mike O’Malley’s supposed departure. Since Wilford continues his reign of the Snowpiercer in the third season premiere episode, fans were worried about the character’s fate in the show. However, Layton’s re-emergence as the leader of the Snowpiercer and Bess’ attempts to help her former boss is expected to pave the way for Mike O’Malley’s return after a short break from the show.

Image Credit: David Bukach/TNT

Ahead of the premiere of season 3, Mike O’Malley was promoted to the main cast of the show from a recurring capacity, which guarantees the actor’s return as Sam Roche. In light of the promotion, we will also see Roche playing a more significant role in the narrative of the upcoming episodes. As Layton decides to lead the Snowpiercer on a near-impossible journey to the Southern Arabian Peninsula in Africa, he may need the assistance of Roche to deal with the passengers who do not support their leader outrightly.

If Roche completes his recovery soon, we may see him commanding the passengers as the lead Brakeman, a position that can’t be filled with any other person on the train. Since the unrest incited by Wilford still looms over the passengers as distrust towards Layton, Roche is inevitable for the protection of the leader and the order of the train. His return may strengthen Layton’s side against the adversities that await them on the way to the Arabian warm spot.

More than anything, Roche’s return may also lead to his reunion with his protégé Bess. We can expect the two to form armor against the dangers that can challenge Layton’s enthralling expedition to New Eden.

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