Snowpiercer Season 3 Episode 3 Recap and Ending, Explained

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After locating the Snowpiercer in the second episode of TNT’s post-apocalyptic series ‘Snowpiercer’ season 3, Layton and the other crew members of the pirate train try their best to reconnect to the Snowpiercer. Their attempts come to a standstill when Wilford succeeds in scaring them off. However, Wilford’s plans to hide from the pirate train fail when Layton’s allies succeed in helping him. Since the third episode of the third season ends with significant developments concerning the fate of the remnants of humanity, we have taken a detailed look at the ending. Let us share our findings after a quick recap! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Snowpiercer Season 3 Episode 3 Recap

The third episode of ‘Snowpiercer’ season 3, titled ‘The First Blow,’ begins with the pirate train’s attempts to reconnect with the Snowpiercer. While Ben, Layton, and Alex oversee the engine to reconnect, Josie finds out that Wilford is going to fire a cannon to destroy them. They drive their train past the Snowpiercer to avoid destruction, derailing some of the cars. Wilford also brings Zarah to the Big Alice engine to prevent Layton from attacking them. Ben disconnects the derailed cars to save the pirate train and, by the time, loses the location of the Snowpiercer.

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Kevin approaches LJ and Oz to open the night car to interrogate a few Tailies. He starts the interrogation for any information regarding Layton and ends up killing Strong Boy. Pike meets Ruth at the prison, who instructs him to give a signal to Layton to regain the location of the Snowpiercer. As per Ruth’s instructions, Pike goes to the hospitality section and starts a grand firework. Layton and others see the firework and locate the Snowpiercer.

They discuss in detail how to confront Wilford at a ridge but realize they can’t connect the two trains end-to-end. After a discussion with Josie, Layton realizes that they need to trick Wilford to complete the reconnection. He decides to use Miss Audrey as a weapon to distract Wilford and brings her to the engine. The pirate train confronts Wilford and the Snowpiercer near a ridge and Layton asks him to surrender, only for the engineer to dismiss him.

Snowpiercer Season 3 Episode 3 Ending: How Does the Pirate Train Reconnect With the Snowpiercer?

Upon realizing that an end-to-end reconnection is impossible and Wilford will not welcome them with open hands, Layton decides to complete the reconnection by tricking him. By bringing Miss Audrey to the engine, Layton succeeds to distract Wilford. Miss Audrey’s presence lures Wilford to sanction the reconnection and he instructs Javi to meet the pirate train at the connection point. He also instructs his soldiers to welcome the crew of the pirate train at the connection point, possibly to kill or capture the crew except for Miss Audrey.

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However, Miss Audrey’s distraction buys time for Layton to enter the Snowpiercer without the knowledge of Wilford. With the help of Ben, who asks Javi to allow entry for Layton in Spanish, Layton gets into the Snowpiercer and attack Wilford. He demands the withdrawal of the soldiers to not kill the engineer. Wilford, without any other choice in front of him, does withdraw the soldiers, allowing the pirate train crew to board the Snowpiercer. Layton oversees the successful reconnection of the trains, locks Wilford in a prison, and takes control of the Snowpiercer. To appease the new leader, LJ attacks Kevin and promises her allegiance to the resistance.

What Does Layton Asks of Asha? Why Does Asha Lie About New Eden?

Upon taking control of the Snowpiercer, Layton realizes that he should lead the train to the Southern Arabian Peninsula in Africa, the only remaining warm spot for them to investigate. However, the path towards the Peninsula is extremely hard and risky. From Ruth, he understands that the passengers of the train are tired due to the numerous rebellions and wars and they will not agree to embark on a dangerous mission. Since Layton isn’t a tyrant like Wilford, he decides to conduct a referendum for the passengers to decide whether to travel to the Arabian warm spot irrespective of the dangers on their way.

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Even though Layton does not wish to impose his decision on the passengers, he is aware that the Arabian warm spot is the only option in front of him to save mankind. He takes a page out of Melanie’s life and requests Asha to lie that she is from the Arabian warm spot AKA New Eden to convince the passengers. Asha communicates with the passengers ahead of the voting and tells them that she is from New Eden, where green grass, trees, and life exist.

Although Layton believes in democracy, he also understands that the majority’s understanding may not be the best for the greater good. Thus, with the help of Asha’s lie, he steps up as a leader to guide the sole survivors of humanity to a potentially habitable land on the planet.

What is the Outcome of the Referendum? Is the Snowpiercer Going to New Eden?

Yes, Snowpiercer is going to New Eden. When Asha lies about the existence of life in the Arabian warm spot, the passengers of the Snowpiercer garner their hopes once again and decide to stand with Layton. The new leader’s efforts to convince the passengers to agree to the expedition work out with the help of Asha. The passengers vote yes to the expedition and Layton receives the mandate of the majority to move forward with his plans. Although he had to lie, Layton succeeds to implement his plans with a democratic process.

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