Snowpiercer Season 3 Episode 2 Recap and Ending, Explained

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After encountering a new survivor in the season 3 premiere of TNT’s post-apocalyptic series ‘Snowpiercer,’ Layton and other crew members of the pirate train welcome her on board. Meanwhile, Wilford devices a new plan to see the end of Layton. The pirate train members consider the options they have in front of them to recolonize the planet Earth. The second episode also sees startling developments on the Snowpiercer, as Ruth and the Tailies continue their resistance. Since the episode ends with certain stunning events, we have taken a detailed look at the same. But before that, let’s do a quick recap! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Snowpiercer Season 3 Episode 2 Recap

The second episode of ‘Snowpiercer’ season 3, titled ‘The Last to Go,’ begins with Wilford testing new equipment with the assistance of Mrs. Headwood and Kevin. The test gets successfully completed. Ruth, who hides in the train, informs Pike and the other Tailies about the equipment. In the pirate train, the new survivor wakes up and introduces herself as Asha. Layton clears the air with Josie about their kiss and ensures that it does not mean anything. He also introduces Asha to the train and explains how humanity survived the freeze through the Snowpiercer.

Image Credit: David Bukach/TNT

Ben conducts the tests and reveals that civilization cannot be revived in places they have been to for at least a century. He informs the crew that the only option left is the Southern Arabian Peninsula in Africa. Layton rummage through the books to understand the meaning of his recurring visions and comes to know that the tree in his visions is actually a Dragon’s Blood tree, which grows only in the Arabian warm spot. Since their resources come to an end, the pirate train decides to reconnect with the Snowpiercer as well.

On the Snowpiercer, Oz proposes to Lilah Jr., who says yes. They both inform Wilford about their decision and Wilford plans a wedding right away to celebrate the occasion. He uses the occasion to celebrate their loyalty and establish himself as the leader of the train. With the help of Zarah, Ruth manages to reach out to Javi, who reveals to Ruth that the equipment is a weapon to kill Layton. Ruth and Pike seek the help of Lights to disarm the equipment, who identifies it as an electromagnetic pulse machine.

Lights tries her best to disarm the equipment, while Wilford and his men attend LJ and Oz’s marriage. LJ and Oz get married with the blessings of Wilford. While the marriage ceremony continues, Kevin conducts a search of the train and encounters Javi. To clear the suspicions, he gathers soldiers and goes to check the equipment. To stop them and give Lights time to disarm the equipment, Ruth sacrifices herself and surrenders to Kevin.

Snowpiercer Season 3 Episode 2 Ending: Who is Asha? How Did She Survive the Freeze?

Asha was a nuclear technician, who worked in the same North Korean nuclear plant where Layton meets her. She was one among the 34 crew members of the plant, who survived with the plant’s nuclear residual power when the freeze hit the planet. Over the years, her co-workers perished due to adverse conditions and severe radiation poisoning. Her nephew, who was with her in the reactor, died due to thyroid cancer four years prior to Layton’s accidental arrival.

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By the time Asha gets saved from the reactor by Layton, she has become severely dehydrated and malnourished. She was unaware of humanity’s survival and considered herself the last remnant of the species. Her understanding only changes when she encounters Layton in the underground reactor. Asha showed unbelievable courage to sustain herself during eight years of the freeze, even when she became the last surviving human in the nuclear plant.

Do the Tailies Disarm Wilford’s Electromagnetic Weapon?

No, the Tailies do not disarm Wilford’s electromagnetic weapon. When Layton emerges as the new leader of the Snowpiercer, it does hurt Wilford’s ego enormously. Even when Layton leaves the Snowpiercer with a pirate train, Wilford tries his best to ensure that the newly emerged leader of humanity’s remnants will encounter doom. The electromagnetic pulse device Wilford develops is a way for him to destroy Layton and regain his authority in the Snowpiercer. Realizing Wilford’s intentions, Ruth and Pike seek Lights’ help to disarm the weapon. However, her attempts lead to the weapon’s activation.

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Realizing the threat in front of them, Pike instructs to throw the weapon out of the moving train. Since Lights fail to disarm the weapon, the only option in front of Pike and the other tailies is to avoid a catastrophe by throwing it out. With the help of Strong Boy, Pike and the others ensure that the activated weapon is thrown out of the Snowpiercer. Even though the weapon releases electromagnetic energy, a catastrophe is avoided and Wilford’s plans to annihilate Layton and his allies get disrupted.

Does the Pirate Train Reconnect With the Snowpiercer? How Does the Pirate Train Locate the Snowpiercer?

No, the pirate train does not reconnect with the Snowpiercer yet. However, Layton, Ben, and other crew members of the pirate train locate the Snowpiercer and drive the pirate train parallelly to reconnect with the Snowpiercer eventually. When the resources of the pirate train come to an end, Ben and Layton decide to reconnect with the Snowpiercer ahead of their Arabian expedition. When they lose satellite connections to determine the location of the Snowpiercer, Layton decides to drive the train parallel to the mainline to encounter the Snowpiercer on the way.

Image Credit: David Bukach/TNT

However, when Wilford’s electromagnetic weapon releases electromagnetic energy, the pirate train locates the signal. Ben, Layton, and the others locate the Snowpiercer through the location of the electromagnetic release and drive the train parallel to the Snowpiercer. The pirate train’s arrival also stops Ruth’s punishment for treason, whose arm is ordered to be cut off by exposure to the cold. In the next episode, we can expect the pirate train to connect to the Snowpiercer and Layton to regain his authority.

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