Will Layton and Josie End Up Together in Snowpiercer? Theories

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In TNT’s post-apocalyptic series ‘Snowpiercer,’ Layton and Josie’s togetherness is eventful. Their lives interconnect when they become Miles’ foster parents. The resistance of Tailies nurtures a companionship between the two and they start to share intimacy when they fight against the inequalities in the Snowpiercer shoulder to shoulder. But Zarah’s unwelcomed re-entry into Layton’s life and Josie’s presumed death put an end to their budding relationship.

In season 2, Layton comes to realize that Josie is not dead. However, Layton’s life changes beyond Josie’s reach by the time she recovers from her near-fatal exposure to cold. Even after verbally ending their once steamy relationship, feelings still exist between Layton and Josie. If you are curious about the prospects of their reunion, let us share our thoughts about the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Will Layton and Josie End Up Together?

Layton and Josie’s relationship get nipped in the bud by Melanie when she realizes that Josie knows about her consequential secret. Even though she escapes death, she loses Layton to Zarah by the time she wakes up to her second life. Zarah’s pregnancy helps her to protect Layton from Josie, who slowly recovers from her horrendous exposure to cold. When Zarah’s fears of losing the father of her baby get better of her senses, she even tries to kill Josie. However, upon realizing that Josie can never be her former self in her condition, Zarah spares her life.

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Proving Zarah’s understanding wrong, Josie recovers miraculously with the help of the Headwoods. Although Josie regains her life, Zarah’s pregnancy changes Layton’s priorities. He realizes that his life should be shared with the mother of his child. However, those reasonings fail to completely terminate the feelings Layton and Josie have for the other. In season 3, they share a kiss before risking their lives in the fatal freeze.

Even when Layton makes it clear to Josie that the kiss does not mean anything, it is evident that they haven’t moved on from the other completely. The only factor that keeps them apart is Layton and Zarah’s child and the vicious Wilford’s interest in the same may not end favorably for the unborn. In the season 3 premiere, Wilford injects an unknown material into the baby and the unknown fate of the child may determine Layton and Josie’s reunion. If the child meets an unfortunate end, Zarah may not be able to secure Layton from Josie.

Image Credit: Justina Mintz/TNT

Even when Layton and Zarah’s baby keeps them together, their relationship is fragile. Zarah’s selfishness to escape from the tail did leave a permanent scar in Layton’s heart. Another egotistical decision from Zarah may result in severe consequences with respect to her relationship with Layton. Considering the unpredictable unrest in the Snowpiercer, Zarah may need to be cautious with her decisions to survive. Any choice she makes may harm her existing attachment with Layton, which may eventually lead him to Josie.

Layton and Zarah’s current relationship is an accidental second chance for the latter. Any development that jeopardizes its fragility may help Josie to get back to Layton. Since Layton and Josie’s fight against Wilford is expected to inflame their repressed feelings towards each other, it may not be a surprise to see them ending up together at one point in the show. But the ardent admirers of their companionship may need to wait for a while to see the chances of their reunion materialize.

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