Is Rosalind Dead? Did Annie Wersching Leave The Rookie?

Image Credit: Raymond Liu/ABC

The fifth season of ABC’s police procedural showThe Rookie’ begins with Rosalind Dyer escaping from police custody when she is brought to court for her trial. After fleeing from the authorities, she commits multiple murders and threatens the lives of several individuals who are closely connected with her LAPD enemies like John Nolan and Lucy Chen. In the fourth episode of season 5, Rosalind reveals to Nolan that she wishes to die since she doesn’t want to live a life fearing getting caught by authorities. She wants to protect her legacy by getting killed by him rather than spending years in prison. Although Nolan decides against killing her, Rosalind’s fate gets rewritten in the episode. So, is she dead? Let’s find out! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Is Rosalind Dead?

Yes, Rosalind is dead. In the fourth episode of season 5, Rosalind traps Bailey Nune in a deadly tank and asks Nolan to follow her instructions if he wants to rescue his girlfriend from the trap. Nolan does what she tells him and ends up meeting her in a mansion, only for Rosalind to ask him to kill her. Rosalind realizes that she has become an infamous serial killer for her to lead a secret life. She doesn’t want to take the risk of getting pushed into oblivion upon getting caught by the authorities. Instead, she wants to die as a serial killer on the run, frightening the world even during her last seconds alive.

Image Credit: Raymond Liu/ABC

Rosalind also wants to corrupt Nolan by making him kill her. She knows that the police officer doesn’t want to take the lives of his worst enemies, which makes her force him to do the same so that Nolan will carry the guilt of killing her for a long while. But Nolan decides against killing her. He arrests Rosalind and the duo gets out of the mansion, only for her to get shot by an unrevealed killer. Nolan confirms her death and informs his colleagues, who arrive at the scene in no time. Since the serial killer dies, the viewers may want to know whether they have seen the last of Annie Wersching in the show. Here’s everything you need to know about the same.

Did Annie Wersching Leave The Rookie?

Although neither ABC nor Annie Wersching has formally announced the departure of the actress from ‘The Rookie,’ Rosalind’s death indicates that Annie’s time in the show had come to an end. The actress had most likely left the show following the fourth episode of the fifth season upon portraying the antagonist of multiple seasons of the crime drama. Although Annie must have already left the show, we may see her getting featured again in the show in scenes from the earlier episodes, which may serve as flashback sequences in the upcoming episodes.

Since Nolan is astounded by Rosalind’s death and the decision he makes against shooting her down, we may see Annie’s character again through his thoughts or visions. These scenes are expected to be from earlier episodes featuring Rosalind or unseen sequences that were already shot before Annie’s departure from the show. Even if we will not see the actress in the show anymore, the next few episodes of the show may revolve around authorities trying to find the murderer of the serial killer.

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