Does Bailey Die? Is Jenna Dewan Leaving The Rookie?

The third season of ABC’s police procedural showThe Rookie’ introduces Bailey Nune, who accompanies John Nolan as his date to attend Angela Lopez’s wedding. Although the wedding doesn’t go as planned, John and Bailey get closer. When Bailey suffers a severe injury and struggles to deal with her abusive husband, John extends his support to her. In no time, they affirm their feelings for the other and start to nurture an admirable relationship. The fifth season of the show begins with Nolan dealing with Rosalind Dyer’s escape from police custody. As the serial killer targets Nolan, Bailey’s life gets threatened as well. So, does she die? Let us provide the answer! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Does Bailey Die?

No, Bailey does not die. In the fourth episode of the fifth season, Bailey attends a duty call with her colleagues at a burnt-down mansion. As she tries to find out whether someone needs any medical intervention, she falls into a tank put by Rosalind. One of her colleagues tries to save her, only to get an electric shock. Nolan and his colleagues arrive at the mansion to rescue Bailey but they soon realize that it isn’t easy at all. Whatever the police officers do to save the firefighter triggers more threats inside the tank for Bailey to deal with. Spikes emerge from the bottom of the tank and water starts to fill the enormous cylinder.

Meanwhile, Angela Lopez and Nyla Harper team up to find Rosalind’s accomplice, who has helped her to create the tank. They find out the person’s hideout where Harper encounters detailed plans of the tank. She instructs Tim Bradford and Lucy Chen to save Bailey. Even though the tank gets filled with water and Bailey drowns by the time, Tim and Lucy manage to open the tank and Celina Juarez gets Bailey out of the death trap. Although Bailey nearly dies, Celina and Lucy save her. Although Bailey gets rescued this time, her life may get threatened again as long as she remains a way to target Nolan.

Since Rosalind gets killed by an unknown killer, Nolan may finally find a way to separate himself from the life-threatening predicaments that revolve around the serial killer. If that’s the case, Bailey may not need to worry about her life getting threatened anymore. Still, the possibility of the firefighter getting killed may have alarmed the viewers concerning Jenna Dewan’s commitment to the show. So, is she leaving the action series? Let’s find out.

Is Jenna Dewan Leaving The Rookie?

As of now, neither ABC nor Jenna Dewan released a statement concerning the actress’ departure from ‘The Rookie.’ Bailey’s near-death experience in the fourth episode of season 5 can be a narrative development conceived to involve Nolan in the death of Rosalind, which can be a significant part of the season’s upcoming episodes. The plot point most likely doesn’t necessarily indicate that Dewan’s time in the show is coming to an end. Although Bailey’s life may get threatened as long as she is Nolan’s partner, the same isn’t seemingly an indication of the actress’ supposed departure.

Dewan seemingly hasn’t joined any new projects recently for the actress to leave the show for other commitments. Since Bailey and Nolan’s relationship is stronger than ever, the firefighter is expected to feature significantly in the titular character’s storyline as well. Considering these factors and possibilities, we believe that Dewan most likely will continue featuring in ‘The Rookie.’ In the upcoming episodes, we can expect Bailey to extend her support to her boyfriend, who likely will be engaged in solving Rosalind’s murder and contemplating the choice he makes regarding Rosalind’s fate before the serial killer’s unexpected murder.

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