Will Tim and Lucy End Up Together in The Rookie? Theories

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In ABC’s police procedural showThe Rookie,’ officers Tim Bradford and Lucy Chen share an intricate bond. As Lucy’s training officer, Tim has taught her everything she needs to know about police work. Gradually, their relationship becomes strong and personal. Lucy also becomes a witness to the hardships Tim deals with, especially concerning his drug addict then-partner Isabel Bradford. Tim even dates Rachel Hall after losing a bet with Lucy. In the fourth season finale, their professional and personal relationship takes a wild turn when they team up for an undercover mission. As they share an intimate moment, the viewers must be wondering about the possibility of seeing them end up together. Well, let us share our thoughts regarding the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Will Tim and Lucy End Up Together?

In the fourth season finale, Tim, Lucy, and their colleagues encounter a drug dealer named Jake, who looks exactly like Tim. They decide that Tim can present himself as the drug dealer in front of the latter’s cartel leader. While the sergeant prepares for the same, the officers realize that the drug dealer’s girlfriend looks like Lucy. Thus, Lucy joins Tim in the undercover mission by transforming herself into Jake’s girlfriend. The two officers also decide that they should change their behavior so others will believe that they are a couple and they start their change with a kiss.

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Even though Tim and Lucy kiss as two undercover agents, the incident does affect them personally, stirring their feelings for one another. Creator Alexi Hawley also revealed that the kiss they share will not be a casual affair. “Obviously, we left quite the cliffhanger at the end of last season with the kiss, which we’ve been building up to for four seasons. There will definitely be repercussions and some fallout from that,” Hawley revealed to EW. However, he has refrained from revealing anything more about the fate of the two officer’s potential relationship.

“[…] I do think it’s fair to make you wait to see exactly where that goes. There’s definitely going to be some carryover from the end of last season [season 4] that’s going to be very dynamic,” Hawley added. As indicated by the creator, Tim and Lucy ponder over their feelings for one another in the fifth season premiere. Although they try to fool themselves by saying that the kiss they shared doesn’t have any personal significance, Tim and Lucy eventually realize that they have started to nurture feelings for the other, which is evident in the disappointment they share when the undercover mission comes to an unforeseen end.

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After the mission, Lucy expresses her wish to extend their pretense of being a couple with Tim, which indicates how she is inclined to be in a relationship with her superior officer. Since Tim reciprocates the same, it will not be a surprise if they decide to end up together. Having said that, the road to the same will not be easy for the two officers. In the fifth season premiere, serial killer Rosalind Dyer nearly kills Lucy’s boyfriend Chris Sanford. If he survives the attack, Lucy may feel obliged to stand beside her boyfriend and help him recover from the near-death experience. If that’s the case, she may not wish to unite with Tim right away.

If Sanford dies, Tim may turn out to be Lucy’s support system. He may help her overcome the shock of Sanford’s possible death and Rosalind’s return to her life. Tim and Lucy may even team up to bring Rosalind to justice. If that happens, they may spend a significant amount of time together, which most likely will pave the way for their union.

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