Is Roxy Sternberg’s Sheryll Barnes Leaving FBI Most Wanted?

Portrayed by Roxy Sternberg, Sheryll Barnes is one of the important characters in ‘FBI: Most Wanted.’ She is a special agent attached to the Fugitive Task Force. Before joining the FBI, she was an NYPD detective who did considerable undercover work. At the academy in Quantico, she knew Stuart Scola of the New York Field Office. She claims that Scola slept with her roommate, though Scola wisely didn’t say anything on that matter. During the time she worked with Jesse “Jess” LaCroix, they grew quite close, and his death severely impacted her. In season 4, she has issues with Jess’s replacement, Remy Scott. If that has made you wonder whether Sternberg is leaving the show, we got you covered. SPOILERS AHEAD.

Is Sheryll Barnes Leaving FBI: Most Wanted?

Sternberg has been part of the cast since the beginning of ‘FBI: Most Wanted.’ For all intent and purpose, she used to be Jess’ second-in-command. However, since Remy has taken over, she feels she is being purposely side-lined by the team’s new leader. The last straw is when Remy recruits Ray Cannon (Edwin Hodge) as a new member of the team without consulting her first. After speaking to Kristin Gaines, Remy approaches Sheryll, and they talk. All the misconceptions and fears are cleared up. Sheryll and Remy can now have a new beginning in their professional relationship.

In a chat with the media in August 2022, actor Dylan McDermott, who portrays Remy in the series, spoke about his first day on the ‘FBI: Most Wanted’ set and interactions with Sternberg and other co-stars. “My first day of work was my introduction to the actors,” McDermott stated. “Remy was introduced to them at the same time as Dylan. It was great because I was checking them out and they were checking me out. It was a little awkward but it all worked out beautifully.”

He continued, “I feel like we really hit the ground running in the first episode. I think that because these people are professionals, they are agents, they know we have a job to do. Yes, maybe they have feelings, certainly about who I am and where I came from. But I think that awkwardness really diminishes after the first episode.”

Sternberg was pregnant during the filming of season 3. The actress announced the news on social media when she was already several months pregnant. At the time, viewers wondered what that meant for the show and whether her character would be temporarily written off. She initially filmed with a vest to hide the pregnancy from the cameras. As mentioned above, Jess’ death devastated Sheryll. As pregnancy became part of her story as well, she decided to go on maternity leave. This gave both the character and actress precious time away from work until the season 4 premiere.

So, it’s quite safe to presume that Roxy Sternberg’s Sheryll Barnes isn’t going anywhere. In the 4th season of ‘FBI: Most Wanted,’ she is what she has always been — a critical part of the team.

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