Run Rabbit Run: Netflix Horror Flick Not Based on Real Life

Directed by Daina Reid, Netflix’s ‘Run Rabbit’ Run’ is a horror thriller film starring Sarah Snook (‘Succession‘) as Sarah, an experienced fertility doctor. However, Sarah’s life turns upside down when she notices the increasingly strange behavior of her 7-year-old daughter Mia, who claims to have memories of another life. As a result, Sarah is forced to confront her past while contemplating her relationship with Mia. It immerses viewers in its unique visual style that provides some bone-chilling moments accompanied by its strange and eerie premise. As a result, viewers must be wondering if ‘Run Rabbit’ Run’ has any connections to a true story or real events.

The Inspiration Behind Run Rabbit Run

No, ‘Run Rabbit Run’ is not based on a true story. The film is based on an original concept from writer Hannah Kent, who makes her screenwriting debut with ‘Run Rabbit Run.’ Kent hails from Adelaide, South Australia, and is primarily known for her work as a novelist. She rose to prominence with her debut novel ‘Burial Rites,’ inspired by the real-life story of Agnes Magnúsdóttir. Her second novel ‘The Good People’ is also loosely based on real events, particularly the case of the 1826 death of Michael Leahy in Kerry, Ireland. As a result, viewers might quickly assume that her screenwriting debut might also be based on a true story. However, that is not the case, as Kent has shared that the movie’s story is mostly a work of fiction.

In an interview with Nightmarish Conjurings, Kent revealed that the movie’s producers approached her to write a screenplay. After pitching several of her short stories, which failed to impress the producers, Kent shared her idea for a book she had been working on. “One of the projects I was really interested in was looking at these true stories of children who report previous existences or who speak of others having had other families or having other parents and missing them,” Kent said. The acclaimed author revealed that she drew inspiration from real-life cases where children reportedly have miraculous recollections of their past lives.

“I was interested in this because there are so many that have been documented, but I was interested in it from the perspective of a parent. This led to many conversations around motherhood, the monstrous mother, and the complexities and ambiguities you can feel as a mother towards your child,” Kent added. Thus, the idea of exploring the relationship between a mother and her child forms the core of the movie’s story. As Kent worked on the idea and developed several drafts of the story, she became increasingly interested in the psychological horror genre and wanted to use it to explore the complications and ambiguities of motherhood.

“That was one thing that we were interested in exploring in the film, this idea of culpability of guilt and innocence, and what point, you know, do we are we no longer excused for our tempers and for the acts that we do, for the heinous things we do?” Kent said about the movie’s philosophical conflict and overall thematic arc. Kent also revealed that she was pregnant with her first child while writing the script and drew from her own feelings about motherhood to shape the narrative.

All things said, ‘Run Rabbit Run’ is not based on a true story. Although the concept has its roots in real events, the story itself is entirely fictional, crafted by writer Hannah Kent. However, the film raises some important and poignant questions about motherhood and its perception in society that ground the story in reality despite the use of psychological horror tropes. Moreover, it is rooted in the relationship between a mother and child, allowing the viewers to connect with the characters and furthering the film’s semblance of reality.

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