Is Ryan Eggold’s Max Leaving New Amsterdam?

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Fans of ‘New Amsterdam‘ had barely recovered from shock after a chemical-laden pipe almost kills Dr. Max Goodwin (Ryan Eggold) towards the end of season 3 when speculations about his supposed departure resurfaced. Max and Dr. Helen Sharpe take viewers on an incredible journey throughout the seasons and finally commit to each other in the premiere episode of season 4. However, with Helen expressing a desire to go back to the United Kingdom and Max ready to follow her, fans have been wondering if Ryan Eggold is set to leave the show. Let’s find out, shall we?

What Happens to Dr. Max Goodwin?

Dr. Max Goodwin is responsible for all the positive changes the New Amsterdam medical center goes through. As the hospital’s medical director, he takes it upon himself to recruit the best doctors, enforce proper reforms, and build a legacy around the medical center. However, along with the hospital, Max, too, evolves through different experiences in his life. Moreover, his struggle against cancer and his feelings for Dr. Helen Sharpe also mold him into a character that fans love.

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In season 3, we witness Max’s selflessness as he jumps at the opportunity of saving his staff, disregarding the effect a chemical-laden pipe can have on his health. Unfortunately, the gas affects him severely, and all hope seems to be lost until Dr. Floyd Reynolds manages to save him through an experimental procedure. The scare of losing Max weighs heavily on Helen, who finally shares a romantic moment with the medical director in the premiere episode of season 4. Still, Helen expresses her wish to go back to England, and Max, afraid of losing her, decides to follow suit.

Is Ryan Eggold Leaving New Amsterdam?

Ryan’s future on the show remains quite unclear, as the actor refuses to address speculations. However, series creator David Schulner addressed the issue and mentioned that although Max and Helen’s journey to England is inevitable, the couple still has a long way to go and numerous loose ends to tie up before saying their goodbyes. Schulner’s insistence on the couple still having a lot to do does make it seem like they will be staying on the show for more than just a few episodes. Moreover, Max following Helen to England opens up a whole new story arc for the couple, which the show might plan on exploring.

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Additionally, another anchor tying Max Goodwin to New York is his daughter, Luna. The doctor is constantly in altercations with his in-laws over his daughter’s custody, and that might keep him in the city for much longer than expected. Thus, with many plot points still to explore and no official word from Ryan regarding his departure, we can assume that the actor is here to stay for quite a while.

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