Is Ryan Guzman’s Edmundo “Eddie” Díaz Leaving 9-1-1?

The fourth season of FOX’s action series ‘9-1-1’ ends with Eddie battling to stay alive upon getting shot in the line of duty. Even though he manages to survive, misfortunes continue as he gets taken hostage by a criminal in the fifth season. The incident paves the way for severe consequences, influencing Eddie to consider ending his career as a firefighter.

In the tenth episode of season 5, Eddie makes a startling decision, astounding his colleagues. As Eddie prepares to step into a new phase in his life, admirers of the character must be worried about Ryan Guzman’s future in the show. Well, here’s everything you need to know!

What Happened to Edmundo “Eddie” Díaz?

In the tenth episode of season 5, Eddie and Christopher prepare for Christmas by hanging decorations. Christopher becomes increasingly agitated to do everything perfectly, making his father worry. The firefighter asks his son about the need for a perfect Christmas but Christopher doesn’t open up about the reasons behind his agitation. While Christopher makes a gingerbread house, Eddie inadvertently pours chocolate on it, enraging his son.

Image Credit: Jack Zeman/FOX

When Eddie promises to make the following Christmas special with another perfect gingerbread house, Christopher replies that Eddie may not be alive for the next Christmas. Christopher’s words lead Eddie to realize that his son is severely worried about his life. Since Eddie knows that he is putting his life on the line every time he attends a duty call, Eddie even fails to promise Christopher that nothing will happen to him.

While trying to save a father during a duty call, Eddie sees the worry in the victim’s son. He thinks about Christopher and understands that he shouldn’t work as a firefighter anymore for the sake of his son. He conveys his decision to Bobby, Buck, Hen, and Ravi, making one curious about the chances of Ryan Guzman exiting the series. So, is Guzman leaving the procedural show? Let’s find out!

Is Ryan Guzman Leaving 9-1-1?

When Christopher expresses his fear of losing his father, Eddie realizes that his son’s worry is valid. After a narrow escape from death and a hostage situation, Eddie knows that he may not be lucky the next time. He perceives that Christopher will be helpless and lonely if he loses his father after the death of his mother. Thus, Eddie makes it clear to his colleagues that the only choice in front of him as a father is to leave Station 118. Since Eddie quits the job as a first responder, fans are not to blame for worrying about the adored performer Ryan Guzman’s possible exit.

However, neither FOX nor Guzman has released any statements or announcements regarding Eddie’s supposed departure. Eddie’s decision to leave the fire station doesn’t necessarily mean that the character is beyond the narrative of the show. We may see Eddie finding a new job and direction in his life while assuring Christopher that he shouldn’t worry about his father anymore. His struggles to adapt to a new work environment, suppressing his desire to always be a firefighter, may turn out to be a pivotal storyline of the rest of the fifth season.

His decision to leave the station also allows the writers to explore the sacrifices Eddie makes as a father for the security of his son. In December 2021, Guzman shared that a new stage of Eddie’s life is on the way. Thus, we may see the challenges Eddie faces in his new endeavor in the upcoming episodes of the fifth season. Considering these possibilities, we believe that Guzman is likely to continue featuring in ‘9-1-1.’

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