Is Sinfidelity Based on a True Story?

‘Sinfidelity’ is the latest addition to Lifetime’s list of thrillers, and the premise follows a one-night-stand that goes wrong. What starts as a passionate encounter turns nightmarish as the man happens to be an obsessed stalker who’s not beyond murder. Do one-night-stands go wrong? Sure, but only insofar as the awkwardness is involved. But, such an encounter essentially means having sex with a stranger. It does pose a series of risks, and there have been reports where such scenarios have turned deadly. Naturally, viewers must be wondering whether ‘Sinfidelity’ is based on a true story. We are here to settle all doubts, but first, let us tell you a bit about the premise.

What is Sinfidelity About?

‘Sinfidelity’ follows Angela, who is married to a man with a history of being unfaithful. When he keeps lurking off, she thinks he’s having an affair. A friend suggests she should have a one-night-stand to get back at him. It turns out to be a big mistake because the husband was only planning a surprise getaway. Matters become infinitely worse when the guy she slept with turns out to be obsessed with her. Angela realizes Franco’s behavior isn’t just disturbing, but there’s a pattern to it. He’s a murderer who’s planned a deadly fall for her.

Is Sinfidelity Based on a True Story?

No, ‘Sinfidelity’ is not based on a true story, but the director has noted that the premise is heavily influenced by ‘Fatal Attraction.’ The 1987 thriller stars Glenn Close and Michael Douglas, where the latter plays a married man who has an affair with the former’s character, only to become prey to her obsession as she tries to ruin the man’s family. Here, of course, the tables are turned, since it is the obsessed man who’s stalking and planning on killing the woman.

While the artistic inspiration is out of the way, there’s still a scope to wonder whether such incidents can happen in real life. Lifetime does have movies where casual flings have developed into obsessions and turned deadly. Take, for example, ‘Infidelity in Suburbia,’ where a man cannot accept the end of a relationship and builds a room to keep the woman all to himself. So, with movies based on similar human emotions, we have to question whether art imitates life to some extent, here. The truth is that one-night stands are quite common, and some unlucky women do end up being victims.

A study has shown that quite a lot of people engage in one-night-stands, with American women stating they’ve had an average of six such encounters. It only takes one wrong meeting to end a life. There have been news reports of such dalliances going wrong for the tiniest of reasons. One woman wound up dead because she was rifling through the man’s drawers looking for some more cocaine, while another encounter turned deadly when the woman joked that her lover’s penis was too small. Thus, there are real cases where the dangers of such meetings become apparent. While a movie, and not actual events inspire ‘Sinfidelity,’ the premise is all too terrifyingly possible.

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