Is Single All The Way’s Philemon Chambers Gay? Here’s Everything We Know About Him

Philemon Chambers came under the spotlight for essaying the role of Marcus in the 2020 short movie ‘Of Hearts and Castles.’ Although the movie stands as a testimony to his acting prowess, his popularity grew tenfold once Netflix announced that Philemon will be starring opposite actor Michael Urie in the new gay romance movie ‘Single All The Way.’ Philemon’s role in the film also gave way to speculations about him being gay, with many developing an interest in his life. With fans now clamoring to know more about Philemon Chambers, we decided to dive in and find out everything we can!

Philemon Chambers’ Age and Background

Born on February 9, 1994, in Torrance, California, Philemon Chambers is 27-years-old at present. However, his preference for privacy has kept him from talking about his background or early life in the public sphere. Although not much is known about his family, Philemon mentioned in a November 2021 interview that coming out as gay to his parents was quite challenging. Yet, they turned out to be quite supportive.

Even in the midst of his busy schedule, Philemon manages to extract time for his family and has maintained a close bond with his loved ones. He also seems to share a special relationship with his mother as he wrote on an Instagram post, “I’ve been truly blessed to have the mom I do! Accepting my faults and loves me for them.”

Philemon Chambers’ Profession

Philemon Chambers admittedly has over a decade of experience in the entertainment industry and has appeared on commercials for various famous brands, including AT&T Digital, DeVry University, and CarMax. While stepping into the filming industry, Philemon initially decided to use his full name — Jonathan P. Chambers — and has been credited so in his early work. Although he undertook numerous short roles in his early career, directors soon noticed his acting prowess as a promising and upcoming star.

A few popular productions that Philemon worked for include ‘Criminal Minds,’ ‘No Ordinary Family,’ and ‘All Rise.’ In 2020, Philemon’s performance as Marcus in ‘Of Hearts and Castles’ propelled him into the spotlight. The film went on to receive wonderful reviews, and Philemon was nominated for the Best Actor award at Jim Thorpe Independent Film Festival. Netflix was quick to notice his talent and offered him the role of Nick in their movie ‘Single All The Way.’

Is Philemon Chambers Dating Anyone?

Philemon Chambers playing a gay character in the romance movie ‘Single All The Way’ made fans question the actor’s sexual orientation. Moreover, his co-star, Michael Urie, mentioning that he wanted gay actors to portray gay characters further strengthened such speculations. Well, in a November 2021 interview, Philemon Chambers confirmed that he is gay. News reports further confirmed that the three major gay characters in ‘Single All the Way’ are played by gay actors, namely Luke Macfarlane, Philemon Chambers, and Michael Urie.

However, even with Philemon’s sexual identity now public, he still prefers privacy and has kept his dating life under wraps. An absence of a special someone is quite apparent in the actor’s social media posts, and he refrains from talking about his dating life in interviews. Thus, with nothing to suggest a possible love interest, Philemon Chambers’ current relationship status remains a mystery.

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