Is Michael Urie Gay? Who Is His Boyfriend?

Michael Urie rose to fame essaying the character of Marc St. James in the TV series ‘Ugly Betty.’ His brilliant performance got him nominated for a couple of awards and also saw him step back into the shoes of the same character for the spin-off series ‘Mode After Hours.’ Further down the line, he lent his voice to the character of Sebastian in ‘Beverly Hills Chihuahua’ and even appears as himself in the 2013 movie ‘He’s Way More Famous Than You.’

Already an established actor at this point, Michael went on to essay the character of Louis McManus in ‘Partners,’ a performance that received widespread critical acclaim. Michael also has a few other noteworthy roles under his belt as Stephen Dinovera in ‘The Good Wife‘ and ‘The Good Fight,’ Josh in ‘The Bite,’ and Redmond in ‘Younger.’ A brilliant actor, director, and presenter, Michael Urie is also an experienced theater actor with multiple productions under his belt.

Moreover, with his latest Netflix movie, ‘Single All The Way,’ we cannot wait to watch Michael Urie enthrall us again. Ever since Michael announced that he is a member of the LGBTQ+ community, the curiosity surrounding his love life has been immense. Let’s take a closer look and find out who the actor has given his heart to, shall we?

Michael Urie’s Former Relationships

Michael Urie never made his former relationships public. Hence, it is impossible to know whom the actor dated prior to publicly coming out as gay. However, in an interview with Advocate in January 2010, Michael revealed that he did date women before. Although none of those relationships worked out, they did not feel wrong at that moment.

Michael Urie’s Boyfriend

According to reports, Michael Urie began seeing actor Ryan Spahn sometime in 2008. However, they kept their relationship under wraps initially, and in 2010, Michael came out as gay and announced that he was dating a man. The story behind their first meeting is also quite interesting — had fate not intervened, they might not have met at all. The two first crossed paths in a karaoke bar in Burbank, and although a mutual friend tried to set them up, Michael had to cancel as his friend passed away.

The cancellation seemed to sour their connection, and Ryan was not interested the next time Michael wanted to meet. However, as fate would have it, the two came face to face while on their way to meet a mutual friend. With the friend not turning up, they finally got time to spend together. Right from the first meeting, Michael and Ryan felt a spark and were attracted to each other. Once they realized that they were meant for each other, they got together and began a love affair that is going strong to this day.

Ryan Spahn is a brilliant actor who incidentally appears in a cameo role in ‘Ugly Betty.’ However, he rose to fame playing Sammy Halpern in ‘What’s Your Emergency’ and Preston in ‘Common Ground – The Web Series.’ Some of Ryan’s other mention-worthy roles include Ryan in ‘Webseries: The Webseries,’ The Interviewer in ‘Human Interest,’ and Joel in ‘The Bite.’

Over time, the actors built up a beautiful relationship, and their chemistry together is quite apparent. It is also wonderful to witness Michael and Ryan’s commitment as they have supported each other in every aspect of life. The actors even share the memories they make on their social media accounts, which stand as a testimony to their undying love and affection.

Moreover, with the two living together, they began collaborating and staged plays from their apartment on Zoom during the COVID-19 lockdown. Their productions got highly popular, and the actors even included their dog in one of their performances. Although there seems to be no mention of a wedding at present, it is lovely to witness the love they share, and we hope they remain happy for the years to come.

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