Is Tara Eric Cresswell’s Daughter in Suspicion?

Apple TV+’s thriller series ‘Suspicion’ centers around the kidnapping of Leo Newman. The kidnappers demand the truth about Eric Cresswell from Leo’s mother Katherine Newman in return for her son’s life. Meanwhile, Tara and other suspects of the case arrive in New York City to prove their innocence. Their attempts to free themselves from the predicament lead to an astounding revelation regarding Tara’s connection with Eric Cresswell. As the first season finale sheds light on Tara’s past and family, one must be wondering whether the Oxford University professor is Cresswell’s daughter. Let’s find out! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Is Tara Eric Cresswell’s Daughter?

Yes, Tara is Eric Cresswell’s daughter. When Katherine Newman created fake allegations of misconduct against Cresswell, his partner left him with their daughter Tara. Katherine’s attempts to discredit him as a source for her client cost Tara her upbringing with her father. After years, Tara set out to find her biological father, which led her to Cresswell. She realized that Katherine was behind the misfortunes that happened to Cresswell. As a daughter, she swore vengeance against Katherine for destroying her family and severely harming her father’s life and career. She teamed up with Katherine’s son Leo to bring her down and reveal the truth behind Cresswell’s ill reputation.

Tara and Leo stage the latter’s kidnapping and force Katherine to tell the truth about Cresswell. With no other option in front of her, Katherine confesses to creating a fabricated narrative that Cresswell behaved improperly to young girls to end his illustrious career. Upon discrediting Cresswell as a reputed source, Katherine commissioned several scientists to conceive reports with alternative findings to invalidate Cresswell’s report. Her vicious methods enhanced the growth of her client IOP Energy and her own company Cooper Newman PR without limits. Meanwhile, Cresswell had to lead a solitary life to avoid public scrutiny.

When Katherine admits that she intentionally destroyed Eric Cresswell’s life for her gains, Tara wins as a daughter. She succeeds in retaining her father’s reputation and exposing Katherine’s brutality. Tara also manages to reveal the greatness of Cresswell as a scientist to the world as her actions influence the resurfacing of his report. The world realizes that Cresswell predicted some of the significant and consequential events that happened on the planet long before they were of concern. With Leo’s help, Tara overturns Katherine’s actions that forced her father to lead a life in isolation.

Upon forcing Katherine to “tell the truth,” Tara may find her way back to England from New York City. Finally, she may be able to reconcile with her daughter and father together. Since Cresswell already speaks to Daisy, the scientist may put an end to his solitary life to live with his daughter and granddaughter. With Leo’s fake kidnapping, Tara regains her family that was once destroyed by Katherine. Even though her plans threaten the lives of many, even leading to Monique’s death, Tara must be proud of what she did for her father as a daughter.

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