Is The Hype Real or Scripted?

Image Credit: Tobin Yelland/HBO Max

Created by Rachelle Mendez, David Collins, Rob Eric, and Michael Williams, HBO Max’s ‘The Hype’ is a fashion reality series. The show welcomes some of the most talented streetwear designers in the US for a golden opportunity. The participants pass through several challenges without getting eliminated in hopes of being declared the winner and winning the $150,000 cash prize. Additionally, the winner is also co-signed by the three judges/mentors on the show.

Since its inception, the series has garnered massive fame, and fans are eager to know as much as possible about what goes on behind it. While the overall concept of ‘The Hype’ is intriguing and makes an entertaining watching experience, some viewers cannot help but wonder if the show is as authentic as it portrays itself. If you want to explore the same, then we have your back!

Is The Hype Scripted?

When verifying the authenticity of ‘The Hype,’ there has not been any official cast or crew member who has stated their dissatisfaction with the show. Though many fans have expressed such sentiments, it seems more motivated due to a bias toward their favorite designer. That said, the show has its fair share of drama, and some of its elements have not been favored by the viewers.

Image Credit: Tobin Yelland/HBO Max

The one moment that left almost every viewer confused and curious was the abrupt exit of Vell Beck from the second season. The designer from Harlem, New York, was swiftly removed from the show after the third challenge, and the departure happened away from the cameras without the knowledge of the other competitors. Host Speedy Morman informed the remaining designers and the viewers that due to some “unfortunate decisions” made by Vell, he was asked to leave the show.

As per reports, the designer violated off-camera regulations and was made to leave the competition midway. The whole incident was not explained further though Vell did get into an argument with Dominique Wilkins, AKA Domo when the third challenge was underway. As of writing, there has been no official statement regarding why he was removed from the show.

Moreover, many in the audience have expressed dissatisfaction regarding the portrayal of the streetwear culture, the representation of people of color, and the basis of the judgments. However, nothing indicates that anything has been intentional or engineered. While it is obvious that showrunners and editors try and pick the most dramatic moments, this is not much different from other reality shows and is done to keep the audience engaged.

Image Credit: Tobin Yelland/HBO Max

In fact, the only bit of intervention from the crew that has been officially admitted occurred in the second episode of the first season. With Wiz Khalifa as the guest, the episode featured Caroline Bentley Noble’s disastrous jacket that she made with red bandanas and blue splashes. As a white designer, her choice was considered distasteful and disrespectful towards the street culture. Rikki Hughes, one of the showrunners, confessed that the crew asked Caroline if she was sure about her decision, yet the designer remained adamant.

Given that the promised prizes and collaborations from the show seem to have indeed been real, one cannot say that ‘The Hype’ is scripted. The show has moments of glamour and splendor, but they are definitely true to the show’s theme. Hence, most criticism towards the series is regarding its presentation rather than fabrication.

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