Is The Royal Treatment Based on a True Story?

Directed by Rick Jacobson, ‘The Royal Treatment’ is a romantic drama movie on Netflix. The story revolves around Isabella AKA Izzy, a feisty young hairdresser in New York. When Prince Thomas of Lavania visits New York for his engagement party, his royal aide Walter accidentally calls Izzy to give the prince a haircut. Thomas is amazed by Izzy’s brutal honesty and gets her appointed as the hair and makeup artist for his upcoming wedding. When Izzy and her colleagues arrive in Lavania, she finds herself spending more time with Thomas.

Thomas and Izzy quickly realize that they have more in common than they think, and start falling for each other. But as Thomas is set to be married soon, he and Izzy are faced with the dilemma of following the obligations that bind them or following their hearts. With a fairytale-like setting and endearing characters, ‘The Royal Treatment’ does make the audience wonder whether such a story exists in real life. If you are curious to know so too, let’s find out together!

Is The Royal Treatment Based on a True Story?

No, ‘The Royal Treatment’ is not based on a true story. Although, the storyline talks about the love between a prince and a hairdresser, and hence it does resemble real-life instances of royalty falling in love with commoners. For example, Prince William, the Duke of Cambridge, began dating Catherine Middleton while studying together at the University of St. Andrews. Catherine was born outside of royalty to parents who worked in the aviation industry and she married Prince William in 2011. Just like Izzy likes to help the underprivileged in the movie, Duchess Catherine is also involved in several social causes. Moreover, Prince William’s younger brother Prince Harry married actress Meghan Markle, finding love outside royal families.

Another true love story that highly resembles the dreamy romance of Izzy and Prince Thomas is that of Crown Prince Pavlov of Greece, who fell in love with and married Marie-Chantal Miller, the daughter of a London-based businessman. The couple met on a blind date set up by the prince’s friend, and it was love at first sight for Crown Prince Pavlov, much like Prince Thomas gets intrigued by Izzy on their first meeting itself in ‘The Royal Treatment.’ Furthermore, even Crown Prince Pavlov proposed to Ms. Miller in a rather sweet way, similar to the thoughtful gesture by Prince Thomas in the movie.

Apart from real life, the movie ‘A Christmas Prince’ has parallel themes, depicting the love story of a journalist Amber and Richard, the prince of Aldovia. On top of that, Aldovia is also mentioned in passing in ‘The Royal Treatment,’ so it can be likely that the movie is mildly inspired by ‘A Christmas Prince.’ One more movie with similarities is ‘The Prince and Me,’ which follows Prince Edvard of Denmark, as he goes to America and falls in love with a medical student named Paige. The movie also features a supportive royal aide to the prince named Søren, just like Walter in ‘The Royal Treatment.’

Thus, even though ‘The Royal Treatment’ is not based on a true story, it has a highly believable narrative which makes the audience wish for such romance to happen in reality. The characters and storyline of the movie have been skillfully written by Holly Hester, who has managed to make various elements in it believable.

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