Is Tom Selleck’s Frank Reagan Leaving Blue Bloods?

After the finale of season 11, fans of the show ‘Blue Bloods’ have been worrying about the future of Frank Reagan. The eleventh season, which begins with Frank’s resignation attempt after his disagreement with City Council Speaker Regina Thomas, clearly made the fans worry about Frank’s fate. Even though season 12 got premiered with Tom Selleck reprising his character of Frank, fans aren’t satisfied with the way the new season is moving forward with regard to the NYPD Police Commissioner.

The unceasing rumors about Selleck’s wish to retire from acting have also fueled the fans’ distress. As the smoke is getting thicker about the actor’s commitment to ‘Blue Bloods,’ we decided to find out the truth behind the speculations! Let’s find out what’s in store for Frank Reagan, shall we?

What Happened to Frank Reagan?

The de facto patriarch of the Reagan family, Frank Reagan, is the Police Commissioner in NYPD. A Vietnam War veteran, Reagan joined the force as a patrol officer and has raised through ranks to be in the position of a Commissioner. Determined and tough, Reagan is a man who stands by his word and belief, unwavering over anything or anyone on his way. Such an attitude has directed him to clashes and troubles and a future of uncertainty.

In the premiere episode of season 12, Reagan is at odds with Mayor Chase over how the city should be protected from the growing crime rate following a high-profile shooting. As disagreements and tension escalate between Reagan and Mayor Chase, the future of Reagan as the Commissioner is at a standstill. Reagan, whose career is filled with outbursts and resignation thoughts, makes the fans worry whether the situation with the Mayor will make him put pen to paper to resign.

Is Tom Selleck Leaving Blue Bloods?

Speculations regarding Tom Selleck’s exit from ‘Blue Bloods’ began to rise from early March 2021, when the CBS show’s eleventh season was still on air. Those speculations were associated with the rumors of Selleck’s wish to retire from Hollywood to focus on himself, his family, and his memoir. Around that time, OK! Magazine reported, “He’s tired of the grind, and the show just takes more and more out of him every season.” Many associated these rumors with the character of Frank Reagan and started to fear that season 12 could be an end to the remarkable journey Tom has covered with ‘Blue Bloods.’

Image Credit: John Paul Filo/CBS

The start of season 12, with Frank in jeopardy with the Mayor, heated the fears about Tom leaving the show. However, with no concrete reasons to believe otherwise, it is safe to say that Tom Selleck will not be leaving ‘Blue Bloods’ anytime soon. In an interview with People, Tom Selleck confirmed that Frank Reagan is not leaving midway. “I don’t think there is an endpoint, I think there is a lot of life in the show, as long as you let your characters grow and get older,” he said. The new developments in the show regarding Frank’s future in the department can be a new direction for the character, rather than an end.

Nevertheless, season 12 will be pivotal for Frank as he is at crossroads to progress his life. He is left with making a grave choice as his old friend presents him with an offer outside NYPD. Even though it is hard to imagine Frank without the pride of NYPD badges in him, it is interesting to see the trajectory the show will present to Frank Reagan.

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