Is Troy Alive? Is Daniel Sharman Returning to Fear the Walking Dead?

Image Credit: Richard Foreman Jr/AMC

AMC’s post-apocalyptic seriesFear the Walking Dead’ has offered several captivating antagonists throughout its eight seasons. From psychopaths to visionaries, these antagonists have raised stakes and increased tension in the narrative of the show. Daniel Sharman’s Troy Otto is one such antagonist. Troy has been the cause of immense bloodshed in the series and he shows no remorse concerning the same. His viciousness ends up threatening his life in the third season finale. However, the ending of the sixth episode of the eighth season succeeds in making the viewers question whether Troy is alive. Is Sharman returning to the post-apocalyptic drama? Let us share our take on the same! SPOILERS AHEAD.

Is Troy Alive?

Yes, Troy is alive. Troy was a former high-ranking member of the Broke Jaw Ranch community. While a group of survivors, including the Clark family, seek security and protection in the ranch, an enormous herd of walkers ends up at the place and causes several deaths. Madison Clark eventually learns that it was Troy who led the herd of walkers to the community to kill several survivors. When Madison realizes that Troy doesn’t feel any remorse concerning his actions, she uses a hammer to smash his head in the third season finale. She, along with the viewers, believes that Troy died of the blunt force trauma she inflicted using the hammer she left near his body.

Image Credit: Richard Foreman Jr/AMC

However, Troy is not dead. In the seventh episode of the eighth season, he appears alive in front of Madison and Victor Strand, making it clear that her attack on him wasn’t enough to take his life. After hitting his head with a hammer several times, Madison doesn’t wait to confirm whether he is really dead. She walks away thinking that he cannot survive the blunt force trauma she inflicted on him. But Troy must have gotten saved by an unrevealed individual or group right after nearly getting killed by Madison. Due to the possible sudden intervention, all he loses is the sight of an eye and not his life.

Since the dam explodes soon after Madison’s confrontation with Troy, the person who saved him can be someone who has been living in the Broke Jaw Ranch community at the time. That can be why he doesn’t get swept away by the water released by the explosion.

Is Daniel Sharman Returning to Fear the Walking Dead?

Daniel Sharman did return to ‘Fear the Walking Dead.’ He features for the first time in the series in the seventh episode of season 8 after leaving the same upon the third season finale. The actor’s return is not really a surprise. In January 2023, a Savannah-based casting agency named Bill Marinella Casting Inc. released a casting call for a male double and hand double, matching the reference photo of Sharman, for the show. The casting call indicated that Sharman’s character Troy is back in the narrative of the series.

Image Credit: Richard Foreman Jr/AMC

Troy is the principal antagonist of the second half of the eighth and final season of ‘Fear the Walking Dead.’ He is back not only to take revenge on Madison but also to snatch PADRE from her. After potentially killing the person who nearly murdered him, Troy wants the throne of PADRE. After losing the Broke Jaw Ranch, he must be yearning for immense power that can be attained by becoming the head of the haven Madison has discovered. Troy must be looking forward to controlling other survivor communities using the resources stored in PADRE as well.

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