Is Victor Conte Married? Who is His Wife?

Directed by Bryan Storkel, Netflix’s ‘Untold: Hall of Shame’ is a sports documentary that sheds light on the details of one of the biggest doping scandals in history in which the Bay Area Laboratory Co-Operative (BALCO) played a crucial role. Needless to say, the company’s founder, Victor Conte, has gained his fair share of the limelight, especially after his own participation in the Netflix movie. While his professional actions have certainly captivated the viewers, people are also eager to know more about his personal life, especially if he has a significant other, and we are here to explore the same.

Victor Conte’s Ex-Wife and Kids

During his time as a bass player, Victor Conte also started a family. In 1977, the musician got married to Audrey Stein, who changed her name to Audrey Conte following their union. While her husband toured and performed, she had a holistic health store called Millbrae Holistic Health Center in the Bay Area of California. It was his wife’s career that prompted Victor to join the world of nutritional supplements. Following his decision to leave his life as a bassist behind, he decided to learn more about the workings of human metabolism by reading books available in the Stanford University library.

After their marriage, Victor and Audrey apparently lived in a house in Palos Verdes in South San Francisco, California, that often welcomed musicians while the former was still active in the field. The couple apparently became parents about a year into their marriage. However, the family’s home was apparently robbed in 1983, and Alicia Conte, their daughter, has shared that her mother was allegedly bound and the criminals only took credit cards.

In 1995, following a tragic fire that destroyed their home, Victor and Audrey separated and started divorce proceedings. It was not long before the former got a restraining order against his then-wife, claiming that she was harassing him. Audrey was apparently calling him repeatedly and sending him death threats in code on his pager. Additionally, the BALCO founder revealed that she had once physically assaulted him in a parking lot. During one of her court appearances later in life, she stated that her behavior during this period was something she was not happy with and claimed that it was due to her poor mental health and problems with drug usage.

Veronica Schuhmacher

Around eight years after her separation from Victor, Audrey was arrested at least once for possession for sale of controlled substances in 2003. However, the trial proceedings regarding her arrests in May as well as July of the same year were suspended in November when the court ordered that Audrey be transferred to a mental health facility and that the proceedings be stopped until “the defendant becomes competent.”

Due to this mandated mental health treatment, Audrey was sent to Patton State Hospital in December 2003. It was then reported she could stay here for a maximum of four years and eight months. It’s unclear how thingspanned out for her later on. Coming to their kids, Victor and Audrey are parents to three daughters. Their eldest, Kisha Conte, had shed light on the separation between her parents during the BALCO scandal. Alicia Conte has similarly shared tidbits about the life of her parents, while the youngest, Veronica Schuhmacher, did the same by being a part of the Netflix documentary.

Is Victor Conte Dating Anyone?

As of writing, it does not appear as if Victor Conte is dating anyone. The former BALCO chief is now the Founder and CEO of Scientific Nutrition for Advanced Conditioning, AKA SNAC. Through this particular company, he claims to provide legal supplements to top-performing athletes like boxer Devin Haney. While he seems to hold much love for his daughters, it does not look like Victor has a significant other at the moment. So, we wish him the best in life and hope that he and his loved ones can continue to build a brighter future for themselves and thus others.

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