Is Wedding Season’s Dreamy Desi Partner a Real Matrimony Website?

Wedding Season’ is a romantic comedy film directed by Tom Dey (‘Shanghai Noon’) and written by debutant scriptwriter Shiwani Srivastava. It tells the story of two American Indians, Asha Maurya (Pallavi Sharda) and Ravishankar Shah (Suraj Sharma). Asha wants to completely focus on her career and doesn’t have time for a relationship, whereas Ravi has decided to take a break from his own career and relax. These two unlikely souls connect when their parents set up profiles for them on a dating site called Dreamy Desi Partner. If that has made you wonder whether it is a real matrimony website, we got you covered. SPOILERS AHEAD.

What Is DreamyDesiPartner?

In ‘Wedding Season,’ Dreamy Desi Partner is a dating website for the Indian American community. However, it seems that most of the profiles have been created not by the people themselves but by their parents. Asha’s parents, Suneeta (Veena Sood) and Vijay (Rizwan Manji), and Ravi’s parents, Dinesh (Manoj Sood) and Veena (Sonia Dhillon Tully), think their respective children will not be able to find love for themselves, so they decide to take matters into their own hands. Suneeta first sets her daughter up with an accountant, but he shows up at Asha’s workplace while an important meeting is ongoing and causes her to fumble during her presentation. Furious, Asha goes back home and asks her mother to take down the profile. Predictably, Suneeta refuses and shows her the profile of Ravi instead. When Asha listens to the description provided in Ravi’s profile, she immediately comes to believe his own mother set up the profile. Asha is not that far off the mark. It is actually Dinesh that set up the profile, believing that his son will never be able to find happiness on his own.

Asha eventually convinces her mother to take down the profile by promising to go on a date with Ravi and attend the weddings with him. Asha subsequently convinces Ravi to pretend to date her throughout the wedding season. Soon enough, they develop feelings for each other.

Is DreamyDesiPartner a Real Matrimony Website?

No, Dreamy Desi Partner isn’t a real matrimony website. It has been strictly created for the film ‘Wedding Season.’ However, while Dreamy Desi Partner isn’t real, numerous similar types of websites exist on the internet, catering to the need of not just Indian Americans, but Indians everywhere.

In ‘Wedding Season,’ parents use Dreamy Desi Partner to find Indian American partners for their children. Arranged marriage has always been part of Indian culture. These websites take that concept and modernize it for the 21st century. One key difference between these types of websites and ordinary dating sites is reportedly the intent of their patrons. These sites claim that their patrons seek serious relationships, possibly marriage, not something casual. Examples include Shaadi, Go For Desi, and Jeevansathi.

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