Is Without Saying Goodbye Based on a True Story?

‘Without Saying Goodbye’ (also known as ‘Until we meet again’ and ‘Backpackers’) is a romantic comedy film. It tells the story of Salvador Campodónico (Maxi Iglesias), a workaholic architect and the heir to Spain’s most prominent hotel corporation. He travels to Cusco, Peru, intending to develop his first international project in the ancient and beautiful city. There, he meets Ariana (Stephanie Cayo), a free-spirited artist. Despite their contrasting personalities, it doesn’t take long for Salvador and Ariana to develop real feelings for each other.

Directed by Bruno Ascenzo, ‘Without Saying Goodbye’ is a feel-good movie, serving as a love letter to the beauty of Peru. The two main characters are charming and likeable, and the narrative is relatively straightforward. If the relatability of the plot has made you wonder whether the film is based on actual events, this is what you need to know.

Is Without Saying Goodbye a True Story?

No, ‘Without Saying Goodbye’ isn’t based on a true story. Ascenzo developed the film from the script he wrote himself while he was working at RPP Noticias, a radio network in Peru. He revealed in an interview that his plan initially was to make a travel film . The project became a 100% romantic comedy after Netflix became involved.

The film is set in various locations, including the Peruvian Andes. It reportedly garnered some controversy on social media because of Cayo’s casting of her as the female protagonist, as she is white and does not have traditional Andean features. This was further escalated when Vogue Mexico referred to her as an Andean actress in an article. Cayo subsequently took to Twitter to clarify her own position on the subject.

“I do not represent an Andean woman. But here I was born. HQNVAE [‘Until we meet again’] is not a film that seeks to represent Andean women,” she wrote, adding that the film is a romantic story about two young people who meet in Peru and have an unforgettable trip. Cayo then proceeded to insist that she didn’t get ahead in life simply by criticizing others and asserted that she was very proud of the film. Clearly, ‘Without Saying Goodbye’ is not based on a true story. However, it’s perfectly understandable if someone believes it is.

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